Cement is one of the major building materials. The rise in the construction of buildings has definitely caused for a rise in the demand of building materials especially cement. Lots of money goes into the cement business yearly and there is high profitability if the business is done properly. You can decide to come in either as a retailer or distributor. Here are some tips involved in starting of a cement business.
AS A DISTRIBUTOR: you can buy cement in large amount and resell to retailers. You should register your company with the appropriate government agency to get approval. Distribution is likely to involve the use of trucks for distributing to the customer. Having a good location where you can store your cements temporarily is also an important factor to consider. The popular cement brands in Nigeria include Portland, Dangote, Elephant etc.

AS A RETAILER: you can also open up a retail store and sell in smaller quantities. This is another lucrative way to make money. Unemployed youths and even adults can come in as retailers as it doesn’t require huge capital to start up. There is also no need for a warehouse or large space as when starting up a retail store.

MARKETING: regardless of you being a retailer or distributor, there is need for proper marketing if you are aspiring to run a profitable business. Taking into consideration companies that make use of cement as their raw materials is a good way to strategize and market your business. Builders, block manufacturers, construction companies are companies that can be targeted for marketing and supplies.
Buying and selling of cements in bulks and bits is a viable business in a country like Nigeria. Proper marketing skills and having a strategic location are some of the ways to improve your productivity.