Peanut or groundnut is a legume that is known and widely consumed in various regions of the world. They thrive on loose, fertilized sandy soil or porous with good permeability warm climate, and an even rainfall throughout the year. The high demand for peanut has made it a productive farm business to consider. Among legumes, it is said to have the highest minerals and Vitamin B content, and has 26% protein. It has no cholesterol and can serve as a raw material to be processed into many other consumable products. They include peanut oil, peanut butter and they even serve as a recipe for making soups in some part of the country. They mature mostly between four to five months. This is a good duration of time to invest into a profitable plantation.

Business tips for starting up a peanut farm:
Adequate information: before investing into peanut farm or any type of farm, it is necessary to do a lot of research on the crop and what its farming entail. Know the right season to plant and when to harvest. Talk to existing entrepreneurs in this type of farming and gather all information that will be useful to carry out your own farming.

Acquisition of land: get a piece of land with the soil properties suitable for the cultivation of peanut. Consider the location of the land and be sure it is not too far to the best available market for disposing your produce. Cost of transportation can be a factor worth considering in a country like Nigeria.
Appropriate land practices and preparation: the next step would be getting your land ready for plantation. Adequate land practices like cutting of grasses, application of fertilizers, planting of crops and so on should be done at the right time of the year.

Harvesting and marketing: it takes about 4-5 months for peanut to mature fully and be ready for harvest. Proper harvesting methods should be considered. Produce can either be stored temporarily if need be or get sold off immediately in the market depending on the plans and targets of the farmer. Engaging in further processing of peanut into useful products could also serve as a multiple income stream.
If these tips are diligently considered and applied appropriately, a farmer can make so much from investing into a trade as such even in the pace of few years. This is a business that can be considered for already established farmers and even aspiring entrepreneurs.