Every structure that is erected requires a form of plumbing work or the other.  This has made plumber business a hot type of business to invest in. The business is very profitable and grows quickly if properly managed. Plumbing products vary from bath tubs, kitchen zincs, water closet, taps, tiles etc. selling of these products alone is very lucrative, there is always a need for these products either for new or renovated structures. Combining the repair and maintenance knowhow is another way to make money alongside. It is important to know that there are already existing entrepreneurs in this field so you have to strategize on overcoming existing competition.
Here are some factors to consider when starting a business like this

Capital: this business can be quite capital intensive depending on the scale you intend starting on. Do your homework and ensure you have the appropriate funds required before venturing into the business. You can decide to source for capital if need be.
Location: for a business like this which is involved with hardware and fragile products, you need a spacious warehouse where you can have appropriate space for your goods and also showcase them without looking clumsy. Nearness to other competitors when choosing a location can also be considered. This will give room for attracting existing customers.

Networking with manufacturers: this is mainly how you get your supplies at good rates. You need to establish a good relationship with the manufacturers of your products, this will enable you get your supplies at a good rate and also give you benefits of prompt delivery and discount on prices if possible.
Marketing of your goods: targeting buyers that can buy your supplies in high quantity is a strategy you should consider in this line of trade. Network with contractors and people in real estate. You can consider giving discount on volume sales. This will help attract and keep customers.
Plumbing business is a viable business especially in developing areas where structures are erected from time to time. Combining repairs and maintenance is a smart way to make money and network with potential customers.