A flour mill business practically involves the processing of grains to flours. Flour is the major raw material for almost all snacks. There is a very demanding market for flour in the country and the high population of the nation is a major advantage for business owners in this field. There is also easy access to the raw materials needed for the milling process as they are mostly locally grown agriculture produce. Snacks are major consumables and millions of snacks are consumed on a daily basis. This is evidence that flour mill companies can never run out of business if they execute efficiently. There are many food crops that get processed into flour for different purposes. Yam gets processed into yam flour, corn into corn flour, wheat into wheat flour etc. You can engage into processing of many food products into flour depending on demand. Bakeries, pastries and many other food production processes make use of flour as their major raw material for production.
Getting started with your flour milling company, here are some tips
Researches and trainings: read as much as you can, undergo proper trainings and learn to operate and work with machines involved in the processing. Be well informed about the processes involved, read as much as you can and get as much experience as possible.

Location: staying close to competitors is a way to approach a business like this. Nearness to source of raw materials and closeness to customers is another factor to consider when looking for a good location.
Business registrations and approvals: appropriate registrations should be done before the commencement of the business. Register your company.

Capital: companies like the flour mill can be quite capital intensive to invest in. So much goes into getting a spacious factory and buying of appropriate equipment for the production process.
Marketing: e-marketing and e-commerce is applicable for businesses like this. You can never do wrong by advertising both conventionally and online.