Food processing sector is one of the most lucrative sectors to consider for business. Due to the seasonal production and availability of many food products, it has become a necessity to process and preserve these food produce for seasons when they won’t be available. Tomatoes are consumed nationwide and the fact that they are highly perishable has made their preservation necessary. Tomatoes are produced in very large quantities in Nigeria and this has made sourcing for raw materials a none challenging issue for tomatoes processing business owners. A considerable amount of capital is needed for starting up a processing plant as some necessary equipment and labour is crucial to complete the processes involved. The good thing is there is a readymade market for processed tomatoes and pepper paste and they can even be exported into other countries. Tips for starters include.
RESEARCHES: when planning or aspiring to start up a business like this, it is necessary to gather every available information relevant to this line of trade. Read about the business and inquire from existing entrepreneurs in the field. Know what is needed to start the business and how you can venture into the business rightly.

BUSINESS REGISTRATION: as this is a food product, licensing and government approval is needed to establish that you are doing the business rightly. Find out the right government agency to seek for approval and do everything necessary to make sure you are government approved.

EQUIPMENT: there are needs for basic equipment which include generator, conveyors, extractors, ovens, dryers, evaporators and many more. This equipment could be acquired over time when some revenue has been generated.
PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION: coming up with unique and attractive packaging method is important if you are going to break into a saturated competitive market like this. Your creativity is going to distinguish you and make your products sell faster. Brand your products and make sure you have efficient plans in place for distributing your products.

Processing and distribution is viable business an aspiring business owner can consider. Learning a skill and being able to carry out the process is the most important aspect. Establishing yourself might take some time and investments but once you are on the right path, there is no limit to how far you can go as a business owner.