Broadcasting is a business that has been in existence for a long time. This is because demystifying information and keeping people entertained is one of the best ways to make money. Gone were those days when the conventional way of broadcasting is the only means of broadcasting. All thanks to civilisation and socialisation, you can now start your own online TV station, broadcast your own materials and make money while you do so. If you have a passion for broadcasting or you have a degree in a related field, this is the time to consider freelance broadcasting as a business. There are sites that enable normal people to broadcast and stream videos 24/7. Here are step by step guides for starting up an online TV.
Researches: read and find out about how to broadcast and stream content online. Know about the type of content that is viable to broadcast and everything needed for setting up. Get informed and know what the process entails.

Type of content: after knowing what it takes to set up an online tv, the next thing is to decide the type of content who want to stream or broadcast. Know the type of audience you want to attract and the type of programmes that would keep them glued to your channel.
Equipment: equipment necessary for easy transmission of an online tv includes, A webcam, a computer, a studio, microphone and few others.

Advertisement: the main aim of every broadcasting channel is to generate revenue through advertisement and broadcasting. Getting the public to know about your channel and attracting the right audience would pave way for having the right customers and networking with potential clients.
Online tv broadcasting is real and viable. It has unlimited prospects and it could become something big if established and operated innovatively.