One of the common mistakes business start ups make is not knowing the right time to invest into marketing.  Investing into marketing wrongly and at an inappropriate time could mar the chances of new business thriving. Here are some common marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.
INVESTING SO MUCH SO EARLY: when starting a business newly, it is advisable to start small and slow, then groom your business over time. Investing so much on marketing and advertising might be a financial drainage when your business is not deeply rooted.

NOT KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE: when newly investing in a business, it is important to take your time to figure out who your audience are and how you can reach them easily. This is better than running a goose chase and investing in different marketing channels which might not capture the right audience for your business.
WASTING TIME PERFECTING YOUR BRAND: most new businesses get consumed in branding and social media flaunting that they forget to focus on the quality of their products and other important aspects of the business. They end up wasting so much time and resources on the branding rather than purposes of the business itself.

FOCUSING ON COMPETITORS: some small business start up on the wrong foot by looking so much into their competitors and trying to imitate them. They end up creating a replica of what already exists and have not much of creativity in their products or services. This is mostly bad for business and run the business down in a short pace.

NOT MEASURING YOUR RESULTS: for every amount you spend on marketing, there needs to be a measure for potential results or reward. Not knowing if you have a result for your investment is a business killer. Know which of your links and strategies is working and don’t be afraid to shut down the ones that are not yielding results.
Either as a new business starter or as someone planning to invest later on, note these mistakes and avoid them and you could end up averting your business from failing.