Nigeria is a good nation for business. The large population and continuous development has helped many entrepreneurs who have invested rightly into their businesses. Many companies that started in the pace of few years have gained grounds and grown into large enterprises due to their foresight and strategic business approach. Here are the biggest fastest growing companies in Nigeria today and what they do.

JUMIA: this is Germany originating company founded in 2012. Jumia is one of the companies that started online retail in Nigeria with the opportunity to pay on delivery. The company has proven beyond all doubt to have the capacity to efficiently practice online retail. They have branded themselves so well and become a household name in a short time. The company has contributed to the development of the nation generally by being an employer of labour and taking online retail to another level.
KONGA: this is a Nigeria originating country that has grown in the online shopping business over the course of their start up in since a few years back. They have been able to compete with a foreign base company like Jumia and still successfully captured the populace’s attention. Companies like Konga have taken the phase of e-commerce and e-marketing to another level.

SHOPRITE: since the arrival of the South African base company in 2005, Shoprite as grown to over 20 stores in different states of the country. The company spotted the opportunity for a conventional sophisticated retail opportunity and have made millions of dollars by satisfying the needs of the people.

UAC: this is a home base company that focuses on food and beverages, real estate and so on. They have branded themselves and become a well known company across the nation.
SLOT: this is another Nigeria based company that has taken the sales of mobile phones and related products to another level. They have successfully branded themselves and make good money since they started out.

INTERSWITCH: this is a company that is leading in the mobile money network and integrated payment technology. They also offer financial advisory services. They have become a well established company over the years.
NAGODE GROUP OF COMPANIES: a well established business entity that deals with manufacturing and distribution of agro allied chemicals and services. They have the top market products in the nation today and they have taken the face of entrepreneurship and empowerment to another level.

If there is anything common to all of the companies above, it is branding and innovation. They have proven that no matter how terrible the economy seems, business can still be done profitably. Venturing into business is empowering and lucrative. There are so many opportunities waiting to be discovered and tapped into.