Many people consider business the next available option to jump at when their financial situation is on the downside. There are so many questions to ask yourself as an aspiring business owner. When considering a new business, especially businesses relating to product development and running an ebusiness. It is important to know what you are signing up for before you venture into a business. Few questions an aspiring business owner can ask himself before starting up venture include:
HOW LONG CAN I DO THIS FOR: most businesses don’t grow or start to generate income overnight. Many businesses especially product development and online businesses take some time and a lot of investment before they begin to generate revenue. You have to know you have the patience and whatever it takes to see your business stand the test of time and begin to thrive.

IS YOUR PRODUCT MARKETABLE: for every business that is going to be nurtured, there needs to be a customer base for the products, if not product development and marketing would be in vain. You have to be convinced your idea is valid and that you can get people to pay for whatever you are offering easily.
THE STATUS OF YOUR CLIENTS: as a business owner, there is always a group of people which you aim at with the value of your product and services. You have to be sure the cost of your product is affordable for your buyers, if not then developing your products would be futile it you can’t get the appropriate buyers for it.

MONETISING YOUR PRODUCTS: having a well mapped out plan for how to monetize your products especially for online business is crucial if your business is ever going to thrive. Having the right strategies to make your products appealing and attractive to customers is the right attitude towards making money easily.
SECURING THE RIGHT RESOURCES NEEDED: knowing well the resources needed to complete your product development and how to source for them easily is another factor to consider when thinking of product development.

Blogging, application developments and ebusiness generally are lucrative and trendy in the world of today. Making it big is possible if a potential business owner can consider the above tips.

Genevieve Nnaji Lectures At African Business Conference


The managed funds under the portfolio of the Bank of Industry (BOI) has hit N44.6 billion as at the end of 2015 financial year.

Acting Managing Director of the bank, Mr. Waheed Olagunju stated that the bank is strengthening its collaboration with its foreign and domestic partners including community-based organizations to deepen the bank's credit delivery process and financial inclusion initiatives.

According to him, "The bank is on course in 2016 to surpassing the N83.5 billion that was disbursed in 2015."

He said, "As at the middle of the current year the bank had approved loans totaling N95 billion to more than 400 enterprises and is working assiduously to approving more loans in the second half of 2016."

He went on to say that meeting the institution's disbarment target of N212 billion that could potentially lead to the creation of almost 1 million jobs in addition to the 1.6 million projected under the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme",

Some of the funds managed by the Bank as at December 31, 2015 include the N8.12 billion National Automotive Council Fund, N2.9 billion Dangote Fund, N12.3 billion Rice Processing Fund, N12.5 billion Cement Fund among others had risen above the figure following various Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) sealed with its stakeholders since the beginning of 2016.

The others include N1.8 billion National Sugar Industrial Development Fund, N1.48 billion Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) Cottage Fund as well as other funds managed in partnership with other state governments.

Already, the Bank has disbursed N95 billion to 400 enterprises in the first half of 2016.Besides, a breakdown of the bank's earnings for the year showed that the Bank recorded a profit after tax of N47 billion for the year ended December 31, 2015, representing an operating profit of N11.9 billion up by 100 per cent from N6 billion achieved in 2014 and an exceptional income from the gain on sale of some equity securities of WAMCO shares.



The world is changing and more people are coming into business and productive development. ebusiness and ecommerce is the direction the world is taking. The internet and social media has given people the opportunity to market and monetize almost every valid value they can come up with. From online retail to blogging, product development to application development, there are so many ways an aspiring business owner can channel the millennial opportunities and a make a good living out of it.
Many random people without prior extensive basic knowledge of the internet and how it functions have been able to create and establish good platforms that have made them multi millionaires. It is essential to know that branding your business is a crucial step if you are going to take your business to the next level.

So many details go into building a good business brand. From your business name, to the quality of services you are going to be offering, your reputation and your innovations are all factors that are going to come into play if your business is going to thrive and stand the test of time. Choosing a business name is a very important step towards the growth and success of a business venture.

Contrary to how well people pay attention to the kind of name they give their business, it is an important factor that cannot be over emphasized. Your business name must say something about the type of service you are planning to offer. A good business name must be simple, easy to pronounce, easy to spell and easy to remember. This will keep you in the mind of customers and make you easy to relate with.
Fashion businesses attach words like apparel, clothing, couture to their brand names to give a descriptive detail of what they do to their audience. A good brand name can get you places and make your business catchy and attractive to market. Give it a thought today and come up with something outstanding.

Kiss Daniel endorsed as Ambassador of NUMATVILLE MEGA CITY, Abuja

Jonathan Daniel , CEO Jodela Media , The project Development manager of The Nigerian Unity Museum & Trade Tourism Village ( NUMATVILLE ) endorses Kiss Daniel on Tuesday 10th of February, 2016 at his office .
This Endorsement has enriched Kiss Daniel to own a complimentary plot of land worth #50 million at the Mega City located in Panda, Karo LGA. 20 mins drive from Mararaba , Abuja.


Staying innovative is very crucial especially for start ups, if you are going to break into the business world and thrive very well. New ideas are always needed, the capacity to think beyond the normal level and being able to develop your creativity and ideas to the point above the normal human reasoning is important for ground breaking inventions and ways of solving problems. The ability to channel your inner mind and bring values to people’s lives is the direction you need to go if you are going to make money and run a business that can stand even for generations. Only a sound mind can think of extraordinary ways of being innovative and creative. Tips on improving your innovative abilities.
EATING HEALTHY: as trivial as it sounds, what you consume is a determinant of what your output and outlook would look like. Eating healthy and staying healthy would improve your output and your performance. Regular exercises and mind relieving activities are ways entrepreneurs can improve their ability to be creative and innovative.

FOCUS ON YOUR NICHE: focusing on a particular area of expertise is crucial if you are going to improve your optimization and effectiveness. Know how to stay in areas you are comfortable with and which you find easy to execute.
INTELLIGENT AND SMART THINKING: coming up with ways to make you better at everything you do is important if you are bent on progressing. Be ready to brainstorm and think outside of the box. Be swift on your feet and go in the right directions for answers. Make efficient use of your resource and learn from entrepreneurs ahead of you in the field.

ADEQUATE REST: the body is an organ filled system, be sure to take care of it if you want it to be as efficient as it should be. Proper rest and good sleep time is important if you are going to be competent and effect at every task at hand.

Staying creative and innovative is crucial if an entrepreneur is going to be effective and break grounds in business.



Success is not a destination, it is a journey that must be travelled with the right attitudes and strategies. Some habits which many successful people have cultivated over the years have made it easier for them to be more productive and better achievers.
FOCUS ON TIMING: successful people know that every second of every minute is crucial and important. Once gone can never be regained so they cultivate the habit of making every minute count.

FOCUS ON A THING AT A TIME: to be successful, you have to know paying attention to one thing at a time is the best approach to efficient output. You can’t afford to be distracted or be confused with too many things.

THEY MAP OUT A PLAN: to achieve success easily, mapping out a plan of how to do things and how to go about them easily is the best approach. You can’t afford to be cumbersome or confused.

THEY AVOID PROCASTINATION: getting things done in the right time is the best way to achieve success. Making the moment count and avoid deferring is the best approach.

THEY STAY HEALTHY: regardless the drive and the zeal, knowing that health is an essential factor is a trait of successful people. They stay healthy and keep a good life and diet routine.
THEY KEEP A RECORD: writing of ideas, thoughts, lessons and every detail you are able to come up with is crucial if you are going to develop your thoughts. Carrying a note and keeping a record is an essential habit for successful people.

AVOID ACCUMULATING TASK: keeping your schedule light and smooth is important if you are going to get the job done. Avoid accumulating task and work overloads.
THEY HAVE THE POSITIVE ENERGY: most successful people have a whole dose of positivity and optimism in them. They find it easy to focus even in terrible situations. They know what motivates them and keep them alive in their daily endeavours.

These are attitudes that should be encouraged in people generally to improve productivity and possibilities.


A House of Representatives member representing Anaocha, Dunukufia and Njikoka constituency, Hon. Dozie Nwankwo, has called the attention of the lower chamber of the National Assembly to the one year ban on importation of dried bean from Nigeria to European countries in a motion before the House.

According to Nwankwo, the ban was imposed in June 2015, on the ground that the produce contained high level pesticide considered injurious to human health, adding that the ban was to last till June 30, 2016, to allow Nigerian authorities time to provide an export control plan and assurance that the beans exported to European countries comply with the EU minimal risk levels for hazardous substances.

He noted further that several relevant agencies of government including Stand, SON, NAFDAC and Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment had claimed to be collaborating with one another to resolve the issue before the deadline, yet the issue had remained unresolved.

Frowning at the inability of the concerned authorities to address the issue which had led to the extension of the ban on dried beans export from Nigeria for another three years for the reason that the nation did not do enough to lift the ban during the period of suspension, Nwankwo expressed worry about how safety of dried beans and other food stuffs being consumed in the country.

After debating the motion, the House mandated the Committee on Agriculture, Commerce and Industry to investigate the matter and report back to the House within two weeks.

Omoni Oboli Signs Major Endorsement Deal With Milk Brand Nunu

Nollywood actress and producer, Omoni Oboli has signed a major endorsement deal with Nunu Milk in Nigeria to become the brand ambassador for the product.


Improving your sales results and business output is one of the most challenging situations for business owners. Without the sales, the business is not likely to grow. Logically, the more you are able to make sales and seal deals, the better for you as an entrepreneur and your business at large.  The following are some of the few tips required for sale representatives.
FLEXIBILITY: to secure more sales, you have to be flexible and be easy to deal with. Give people the medium and the opportunity to work with you comfortably. If you don’t have a conventional outlet to run your business, have a good mobile system for delivery and be ready to work with peoples schedules.

INSIGHTFULNESS: for any sales representative to break even and secure more deals, you must be thoughtful and insightful. Learn more about your clients, know what works for them and develop the easiest ways to do business with them. Ask for clarification when you seem confused and don’t assume about your clients. This will make it easier for you to run your business easily.
PATIENCE: as a sales representative, patience is a must. Patience encourages people to do business with you and gives you the opportunity of not sounding pushy or persistent. Dont be too arrogant or too persistent when doing business. Give your potential clients the opportunity to come to their conclusions and to choose to do business with you or otherwise.

Securing sale deals for businesses that have products and services to sell is crucial if the business is going to grow and thrive well. Adopting the above strategies is a good option for improving your sales.



UNEMPLOYMENT in Nigeria is pri­marily the result of failed industries. However, in view of the capacity of the manufacturing sector to absorb more workers than any other sector in the econ­omy. In the 1980s, the Nigerian textiles industry was the third largest in Africa after Egypt and South Africa. The sector was a key player in the nation's economy, particularly in the provision of jobs.

It used to be the largest employer of la­bour in the manufacturing sector after the public sector. The industrial sector then generated an annual turnover of $8.95 bil­lion; an average of 25 per cent of the sec­tor's gross domestic product (GDP) which accounted for not less than 10 per cent of corporate income taxes.

Regrettably however, by the mid 1990s, the fortunes of the cotton and textile in­dustry dwindled due to government ne­glect and policy inconsistencies. Precisely in 1994, when many textile manufactur­ers began to feel the pinch of the unfriend­ly economic and political environment, they were forced to close down, while some relocated to other countries within the sub-region in the wake of massive smuggling and importation of textiles into the country. The situation became worse in 1997 when the Federal Government lifted the ban on textile importation.

Figures showed that the number of tex­tile and garment factories fell from 175 in the mid 1990s to about 35 in 2015, while employment dropped from 137,000 in the 1990s to 60,000 in 2002 and further to 24,000 in 2010.

The performance of the Nigerian tex­tile industry has remained at low ebb as at today, due to lack of an enabling environ­ment and unless urgent steps are taken to address the problems the momentum gained in 2010 would be lost. Those, who spoke to the Daily Sun at different times, expressed concern over the silence of the Federal Government's 2016 budget on the revival of textile industries in spite of past promises.

According to the President of (NUT­GTWN), Oladele Hunsu raw materials remain difficult to source despite the union's campaign for supportive textile policy.

He, however, commended the Federal Government on its efforts to resolve the scarcity of cotton and other raw materials bedeviling the textile industry, which led to improved production by the compa­nies. As at today, we have 24 operational textile mills, which are: Angel Spinning & Dyeing; African Textile Manufactur­ers; Adhama Text & Garment Industry; Chellco Industries; Dangote Agrosacks; Funtua Textiles; Holborn (Nigeria); Lucky Fibres; Nigerian Spinners & Dy­ers; Spintex Mills (Nig.); Stallion Textile Industries; Sunflag Nigeria; Crown Na­tures Nigeria; Terytex (Nig.); Tofa Tex­tiles; United Nigerian Textiles; Woollen & Synthetic Industries; Zaria Industries; ITI (Nigeria), Marklint Medical Complex; MDV (Nig); Supertex Limited Kaduna; Nigeria Braiding Company and Arewa Textiles Limited..In a bid to revive the na­tion's ailing textile industry, the Federal Government had in December 2009, put in place a N100 billion Cotton, Textiles and Garment (CTG) Revival Fund. The fund which was domiciled with the Bank of Industry (BoI), was specifically meant for the revitalisation of the CTG industry along the entire value chain. It was also geared towards providing cheap capital for the development of the sector and making it one of the highest employers of labour in the country. The BoI is mandat­ed to grant loans to textile companies at an interest rate of six per cent. According the Acting Managing Director of BoI, Mr. Waheed Olagunju, the bank had given out more than 60 per cent of the fund as loan to different textile companies across the country since 2009. But the deplor­able condition of textile factories across the country does not match with the fund claimed to have been disbursed so far, which has raised concerns about who got the money.

Also speaking in the same vein, the Director General of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)), Mr. Muda Yusuf, noted that the intervention fund has failed to achieve its objectives because the issue of raw materials and machinery were not taken into consider­ation when it was being planned.

He pointed out that to ensure the re­vival of the textile sector, a number of is­sues should have been put in place, such as ensuring that the country is competing effectively in the production of cotton in line with world standard and that the equipment are producing effectively and efficiently, to enable the companies com­pete favourably.

In his reaction, Director General of Nigerian Textile Manufacturers Asso­ciation (NTMA), Hamma Kwazafa, ac­knowledged government's interest in the sector through intervention funds, CTG and the Export Expansion Grant (EEG). "We are stagnated now; the problem goes beyond money," says President, National Union of Textile, Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria (NUTGTWN), Ol­adele Hunsu. Hunsu said that although, there was a significant improvement in the industry, as 1,500 jobs have been saved through the intervention, efforts to put the industry back on track have been frustrated by government's policy incon­sistency.



Entrepreneurship comes with so many responsibilities, no one can run a successful business without putting time into learning valuable life lessons about mistakes, failures and growth. Nobody was born a success and many of the successful entrepreneurs today have put in so much effort into learning how to do things the right ways and many probably failed a couple of times before getting it right. So many emotional and mindset attitudes are interwoven with how successful a person can be if they venture into business. Developing your mental abilities and skills are essential for the success of a business venture.

PATIENCE: this is the most important entrepreneurship skill to develop for every aspiring entrepreneur. Slow and steady they say win the race. Taking time before making decisions and don’t be in a haste to get things done. Staying focus, staying patient and taking time to make the right decisions are crucial steps towards the success of your venture.
DRIVE: a business man must have the right drive and zeal. Your passion and drive is crucial if you are going to achieve beyond your goals. The right drive to keep going even when it feels like you aren’t getting right is important if you are eventually going to achieve your goals. Your drive is what will keep you going even after bad experience. Know what your potentials are, maximize them and make the best out for yourself.

AWARENESS: it’s easy to get lost and get caught up in the moment. Learning to stay trendy and aware of everything that is going on in your environment is an important attitude towards success. You have to always move forward and keep moving. Paying attention to your staff, finances, competitions and your clients is very compulsory if your business is going to be a success and remain successful.
As an entrepreneur, the world is yours to take if you can put your energy in the right direction. Improving your personal life is as important as increasing the potentials of your business. The right attitudes towards life can earn you both.


Finding the best team and assembling the most competent people for the job is one of the roles of an entrepreneur. The quality of the type of team you are able to put together will have a long way to go in the types and quality of services they would be able to offer and deliver to your clients. The quality and the efficiency of your team will improve your opportunities for investors and sealing of good deals. Here are some of the qualities you can consider in a team you choose to work with.
PRIOR EXPERIENCE: building a good business requires a well experienced team in relating fields. Either for a failed business or a successful prior business, experience is always relevant and required for a new venture.

CREDENTIALS CAPABILITY: it is not mostly true that your credentials are the direct quality of what you can offer, but it is also important for team members to have certified credentials supporting their claims in areas of expertise.
GOOD INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: a team that cannot associate together or that have personal differences might find it hard to function together. Therefore the chemistry and outside work relationship within a team is an important determinant of how well they can perform at their jobs.

VALUES AND STRENGTH: it’s no brainer that a team must have all it takes to carry out expected functions. The strength, the charisma, the optimism, the passion, the zeal and the drive are some of the attributes that are crucial in a team that is going to be efficient.
PROBLEM SOLVERS: it is important for a team to be an assembly of problem solvers, the ability to be resourceful, not being afraid to make decisions, being innovative and cooperative must all the present in a good team.

It is hardly possible for one man to fully execute any business, the quality of the team you are able to come up with is an equivalent of the quality of your work process.

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International rating agency, Fitch Ratings, Thursday downgraded Nigeria's credit ratings, indicating increased likelihood that the country will not be able to repay its debt obligations.

Meanwhile, the naira, Thursday strengthened for the second consecutive day, as the interbank foreign exchange rate dropped to N281.67 per dollar.

Citing increased fiscal and external vulnerability, slow fiscal and monetary adjustments and renewed insurgency in the Niger Delta, the Fitch downgrade Nigeria’s Long-term foreign currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) to ‘B+’ from ‘BB-‘ and Long-term local currency IDR to ‘BB-‘ from ‘BB’.

In a statement issued Thursday Fitch said that, "The Outlooks are Stable. The issue ratings on Nigeria’s senior unsecured foreign-currency bonds have also been downgraded to ‘B+’ from ‘BB-‘. The Country Ceiling has been revised down to ‘B+’ from ‘BB-‘ and the Short-Term Foreign-Currency IDR affirmed at ‘B’."

The new ratings imply that though Nigeria is presently meeting financial commitments there is a limited margin of safety and capacity for continued timely payments is contingent upon a sustained, favourable business and economic environment.

Explaining the rationale for downgrading the country's rating, Fitch said, "Nigeria’s fiscal and external vulnerability has worsened due to a sharp fall in oil revenue and fiscal and monetary adjustments that were slow to take shape and insufficient to mitigate the impact of low global oil prices.

Renewed insurgency in the Niger Delta in 1H16 has lowered oil production, magnifying pressures on export revenues and limiting the inflow of hard currency.

Fitch forecasts Nigeria’s general government fiscal deficit to grow to 4.2 percent in 2016, after averaging 1.5 percent in 2011-15, before beginning to narrow in 2017.

"Despite expected increases in non-oil revenue, the agency expects overall general government revenue to drop to just 5.5 percent of GDP, from an average of 12 percent in 2011-15.




Many jobs involve routine, doing the same things over and over. Many employees find these activities boring and monotonous. Many people get unhappy with their jobs within a short period after setting out. Blaming your boss is often the easiest thing to do or the direction to take in justifying your situation. This makes many people incompetent at their jobs and drastically reduces effectiveness. Many people associate their problems with wrong leadership and management but at the end of the day, you need the job because you need the pay and it is better to consider ways of staying happy on the job rather than complaining about the job all the time. Tips on making your life and work place a better place.
PERSONAL GOALS: regardless of how boring or tiring your work environment may be, focusing on your personal goals and the reasons you have to do what you do are easy motivators. Let your goals inspire you and encourage you to be efficient and find comfort in what you do. Have a clear view of where you are headed and what you want to achieve and let this keep driving you to do better at whatever you do.

MEASURE YOUR GOALS: for everyday filled with necessities and activities, you must be able to figure out how and place priorities where needs be. Take on the task that you find challenging and involve yourself in activities that brings out the best in you. Understand where your strength lies and know how to cover up for your weakness.
IMPROVE YOURSELF: To increase your overall work satisfaction, its important to reflect on your strength and weakness. Know where you need to get better and the activities you can engage in to improve yourself. Be a team player and be conscious of the vibes you pass around to your colleagues.

You don’t have to wait for anyone to encourage you or make life better for you. Work towards making your life and work place a more comfortable place for you. This is most likely to improve your output and effectiveness.

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When it comes to setting up a business, growth and development is a crucial factor that needs to be experienced. Getting the right clients and efficient networking that’s going to take your business to the next level and the strategies that needs to be put in place if the business is going to be a success. As a start up company, you priority remain growing your business to the point of stability and transitioning it to the thriving state. Here are some tips that can help you develop your start up transition it to the state you desire.

GET YOUR BUSINESS OUT THERE: mediums like social networks, ebusinesses have provided opportunities for millennium business starters to get the word out there about their business. reach out to your contacts by any means possible and make sure people get the right awareness about what you do and how they can do business with you.
QUALITY AND VALUE: the only way you are going to get to the hearts of people and get good business deal in a little time is by making sure you deliver quality and value. There must be something you have to offer which they are not likely to get elsewhere. Make your products and services of superior quality so that you can capture the market easily.

GET INFORMATION: the easiest ways to make sales is to be willing to listen and take note of what your audience have to say. Pay attention to complains about your brand, be ready to give answers to questions and be consistent in addressing needs and request.

DONT WORK ALONE: two heads are always better than one. Take into consideration the opinions and criticism of others, define and reshape your values based on the complaints and demands of people and clients. Don’t be stiff or adamant in decision making.

DONT GET CARRIED AWAY: the work is expected to become tougher, the volume is expected to become bigger. Don’t get caught up in the moment or take the wrong step that can hinder your growth or go against your purpose of starting up. Avoid being tempted to take the wrong steps or getting overwhelmed by how much you have to do.
Business development is essential and it is mostly the long time goal of any start up pf business venture. A business man must understand every factor necessary to make a business successful and make your goals achievable.



It is widely accepted that creativity is key to effective advertising. Yet, when it comes to creativity in mobile advertising, brands are hesitant to take a leap of faith. While a few big names have taken the lead with some incredible mobile campaigns, the majority are trailing behind.

Maybe this is not surprising given that, according to the International Advertising Bureau, 46 per cent of top 50 FMCG brands have no mobile presence, an essential building block for creativity in mobile. Yet, today's people not only expect a site to work on mobile, they are also increasingly willing to engage with mobile marketing. An Adyoulike report, which analysed over 500 million native ads delivered to publisher sites throughout 2014, revealed that 55 per cent of smartphone users engaged with native ads via their smartphones or tablets.

So why are not more local brands taking full advantage of mobile creative? For one, it is still a relatively new space and there is a lot of fragmentation in the market, often with multiple agencies or developers managing different mobile creative, which creates tracking and data ownership headaches.

Rather than viewing in-app creativity as a different world, the wiser souls out there recognise the opportunity to get involved in creative mobile ad campaigns that were previously the reserve of specialists. They also know that effective mobile advertising is much more than app downloads, and a Lifetime Value strategy is vital if they want to keep their seat at the table.

Mobile creativity does not always have to be beautiful – but it should be smart. Some short-term creative beauty strategies can prevent long-term customer relationships, where the creative idea focuses on a tactical one off. Yes, it grabs the headlines, cost lots of money and creates lots of immediate downloads, but it lasts two months, and then they remove the app from the store. You have immediately lost a strong comms vehicle, instead of extending the app beyond the campaign, and tracking and acting against the post download activity.

The truth is there are so many avenues for creativity in mobile, from in-app display advertising, TrueView video ads, app trailers, targeted push notifications, to expandable rich media Lightbox ads.

Nike is a great example of a brand that has thought creatively about how to make the most of mobile advertising. It created real-time ads inviting fans to celebrate, remix and share memorable sports moments just seconds after they happened during live television events. On mobiles and tablets, fans could span 360 degrees around 3D animated versions of their sporting heroes and use headlines, filters and stickers to create their own posters celebrating the moment. All this happened in the mobile browser, without needing to download or open an app. This is what creativity looks like in a multi-screening age.

While big - thinking creativity for the small screen is important, you will not see results without getting serious about your data. Where do your Android users come from? How long are they spending in the mobile site or app? What search queries drive the app downloads? Using your mobile analytics insights means you will effectively target your audience with a message that is right for them at any given time.

So do not make mobile an after-thought. Analysing conversion data, combined with clever adaptive creative thinking should be at the heart of today's mobile advertising. It is down to agencies, advertisers and developers to collaborate more to explore this new and exciting opportunity.



Business is not for everyone but it is crucial for anyone venturing into business to attain some level of success. Luck rarely cuts it as far as a business is concerned. Series of activities and steps in the right direction and taking the right approach is important if a business owner is going to be successful. Staying open minded and putting consistent effort into your everyday plan and efforts towards making your business a success is the right direction to take. Here are some strategies towards becoming a success as a business owner.
PERSISTENCE: while working towards achieving your goals, there are so many obstacles and hindrance that might come your way. The ability to overcome challenges and stay consistent is needed for an entrepreneur to achieve success.

TAKING ACTION: all plans and no actions amounts to no success. Be ready to take the right opportunities when they come your way. Be ready to take a step over and over again till you get the possible answers you desire.
POSITIVE TEAM: you don’t have to be afraid of going in all alone if you are surrounded with negative minds. Surround yourself with positive minds, people that are going to push your forward and help you to succeed.

DONT BE IN HASTE: rushing into a venture in never a good road to take for anyone, learn to be stable. Take the time you need to gather up necessary resources before starting out. Don’t start up a business on half of what is essential to start up. Take your time to do it right.
KNOW HOW TO STRATEGIZE: strategizing is a crucial if you are going to be successful. Take the time to think about your plans and the right ways to do things.

AVOID UNNECCESSARY RISK: risk taking is crucial but know when the risk is worth taking because not all risk is worth taking. Evaluate and analyse your options before taking them. Don’t be scared to talk to someone if need be.
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: if you don’t think you can do it, then you might not be able to do it. Your mindset is a crucial asset that has to be in place if you are going to achieve the success you desire.

PERSISTENT NETWORKING: know when to network, when to make contacts and when to act nice. Everywhere you are, don’t hesitate to talk about your business and let people know what you do.



As a business owner, going in the way of the world might sound as the best direction to go with your business if you want to achieve the success you desire. This is not mostly true. The ability to predict the future and innovative trends is the best direction to take in your business if you are likely to be as successful as you aspire. Trend setters are higher in line than the trend followers. Tapping into already existing methods and trends mostly doesn’t set anyone apart. You have to be willing to know what is coming next in your line of trade and that direction. While everyone comfortably thinks you are crazy and different, they follow suit in the shortest pace of time.

Many successful entrepreneurs are inventors, they have been able to see a future that ordinary minds cannot imagine. They know what values are important to people and they hardly need to put any effort into sales and marketing. People understand the innovations and are always ready to embrace them and pay money for them. People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were not embracing trends when they were at the start of their careers, they had seen the needs of people. They know what values needed to be brought to life to make people’s lives better. They could predict the future and know how to diligently bring their innovations to life to improve the quality of lives. Just like these people that have existed and change the world in some certain ways, there are a great deal of values and predictions that needs to be added to the world. The right ideas and the right opportunities are all you need to become a success. There is something is everyone that is capable of making you the next generations BILL GATES.



Learning is an important process in life, more so, a continuous one. Learning is the pathway to success, it is a process that must be invested in judiciously if there is going to be a reward from it. Most people are comfortable following the same routine all day, all year round and would not invest the right attention and diligence into learning the process of doing things more adequately and efficiently.
Here are three ways to cultivate the habit of learning and imbibing it into our everyday lives.

LISTENING: when you cultivate the habit of listening to details and concentrating on what is important, you find it easier to learn. Listening is an efficient way of staying informed and gathering the necessary knowledge needed for related applications.

HAVE THE RIGHT SOURCE: there are always numerous sources of information for anything you choose to do. Knowing the right source to invest your time and attention into is a good way to have the needed knowledge. Be sure of who to get into conversations with and how to ask for ideas and tips if need be. Seeking for knowledge in the wrong places can kill the vibe for learning.
SUMMARIES: knowing how to figure out the summaries for content will easily improve your learning skills and get you to the important points as soon as possible. The ability to pick up necessary information without getting confused or overboard is necessary for an efficient work process.

Learning cannot be avoided, continuous learning is necessary if you are going to get your mind open to great ideas and opportunities.


Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has said the situation, which led the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria to take possession of Silverbird Galleria today, is being resolved.
AMCON took possession of the Silverbird Galleria in Abuja and Lagos, which houses the Senator’s companies on Thursday morning, denying workers entry into the premises.

The Senator, however, said that with over three decades of operation, Silverbird was bound to encounter challenges, but would overcome them.
“I have been on an international flight and have only just landed. The situation is being resolved and things will be back to normal,” he tweeted.

“In 36 years, Silverbird has grown and like anybody, it will face challenges. Tough times don’t last. But we, as tough people, outlast them.”


Yam is a tropical crop that exists in over 600 species. Nigeria is the world leading producers of yam. Yam is a staple food belonging to the class of roots and tubers and it is a major consumable in the West African region. Despite Nigeria being the largest producers of yam, its high demand is hardly ever met. This has provided an opportunity for a profitable farming business for people who can invest into yam plantation farming. Yam is also associated with some social and religious functions and this also has increased the economic value of yam. The popular species of yam includes the water yam, the white yam, the white guinea yam and the aerial yam. There are major benefits associated with the production of yam and they include:
Yam is a major source of carbohydrates and low in fat and it constitute a good source of energy.
Yam is the major raw material for some processed food products like poundo yam and yam flour

Yam has some medicinal properties, useful for heart stimulants due to its chemical composition which are alkaloids of saponin and sapogenin.
Yam is useful for the industrial production of starch.

Ritualism and festivity is also associated with yam cultivation, yam festivals are held in the eastern parts of the country to mark the harvesting of the crop.
Some communities also associate yam with social functions like engagement ceremonies.

Yam is mostly easy to cultivate and survives on a wide range of soil type.
Harvested yams have a moderately shelf life of 5-6 months and this implies that it can be stored between harvest and consumption.

Yam farming business is a profitable venture that can be invested into on a small, medium and large scale.

Check-Out The Exotic Lifestyle of Don Jazzy

He is the CEO of Mavin Record label, a record producer, singer-songwriter and a musician. Don Jazzy has won so many awards to his label. He was also formerly the CEO of the popular Nigerian record label, MO Hits Records.

Mavins Record label: Don Jazzy is a brand without mincing words. According to reports from some artistes, Mavin Record label is arguable the best label in Nigeria. His label has given leverage to top musical icons like Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, Prince, Wande Coak and many others who signed on. He was D'banj's producer, business partner and friend until MO Hits Records dissolved and the duo officially parted ways.

Endorsements and Production credit: Don Jazzy has made so much money from endorsements, callertunes and foreign collaborations. He recently signed a multi-million naira deal with MTN. The endorsement from MTN was for N25m.

He also signed another contract worth millions of naira with Samsung, Africa; the deal was for a N100m. Don Jazzy was paid N50m for being the newest brand ambassador of Loya milk. His production credits for foreign collaborations include working with Snoop Doggy, Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay Z.

Music studio: According to report, Don Jazzy is set to unveil a new recording studio estimated at over N500m. He said in a statement that his studio is going to be a world class studio which is constructed by international sound engineers who have worked with acclaimed international producers.


Many people are into sales today but find it difficult to generate sufficient revenue in stipulated time. Having the right knowledge and insight on how to make sales is important if you are going to be successful in your business. Here are things you should know to be a sales persons.
REJECTION IS CONSTANT: people will reject you, you should bear that in mind. Not everyone would see the value in your offer. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people to buy from you. You don’t have to impress or say too much to the people that are likely to do business with you. Don’t make people feel uncomfortable to say no to you.

LEARN THE CLUES OF POTENTIALS: as a sales person, don’t be focused on the things you need to say to impress that you forget to recognise the clues in potential buyer and people that are not ready to do business with you. Studying peoples body language, facial expressions and attitudes are ways of knowing if you are likely to make a sales.
YOU DONT NEED TO CONVINCE: its easy to think convincing people to patronise you is the best way to make sales but in the true sense, you don’t need to convince people to make sales to them. All you need to do is understand people, get to know them by talking with them and you will find it easy to connect the dots and understand if they can do business with you.

KNOW HOW TO SEAL DEALS: once you identify the potentials of  an aspiring buyer, you need to have the right strategy to seal the deals as fast as you can. Know what it would take for them to make their decisions and if other factors are involved for example if they have to talk to their spouse or parents before sealing the deal. Pay attention and avoid being pushy.
DONT BE TOO PUSHY: sometimes, customers give you answers like they need to think about it or come back later, to be a good sales person, you need to avoid being desperate to seal deals. Don’t waste time with a person if you could invest the time into more people who might be willing to make a purchase.

Sales is one of the most sensitive aspects of business. You need to know the right moves and strategies to make if you are going to make good money in quality time and not run out of business.

Nigeria's top music stars Who makes the most money.

As far as today's Nigerian music is concerned, its story is incomplete without these musicians. They are the movers and shakers of the industry, and their finger prints have shaped our music and made it acceptable to the world. They make bulk of their money from entertainment shows and events in the form of performance fees and corporate endorsements.


Hoping to ensure that the 1,124 kilometre Lagos-Kano narrow gauge rail line will guarantee daily transportation of goods and commuters along the Lagos-Kano rail route, the Federal Government under the Goodluck Jonathan administration awarded a rehabilitation contract of the said rail line at the cost of $1.76 billion.

The Ministry of Transportation then under Idris Umar had, according to agreement documents obtained by The Guardian, awarded the contract of the Lagos-Kano rail line also known as Main Western Line to Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC), which project was ostensibly completed and commissioned in 2012 for supposed daily operations.

However, investigations showed that though the project was carried out to enable government fast track daily transportation of heavy duty goods and passengers, the main goal for full rehabilitation of the commercially viable line was far from being realised as the Lagos-Kano rail line either maintained a little over twice daily shuttle services or far less despite claims that it would spur daily transportation of the commercially viable line.

Now, the same Lagos-Kano rail line is to receive new funding in the 2016 budget, only this time under the standard gauge modernisation project of the nation's rail line works spanning 25 years vision period.

Although in the 2016 budget, the Ministry of Transportation appropriated N60 billion for government's counterpart funding to complete reconfiguration of the Main Western Line to standard gauge, the National Assembly chose to jerk up budget envelope for the same project to N90 billion.

Investigations showed that all the benefits of full rehabilitation listed by the former administration for embarking on the rehabilitation of the Lagos-Kano narrow gauge line are the same benefits also put forward for embarking on standard gauge upgrade of the same route in the 2016 budget.

The former Ministry of Transportation under Umar had, through assurances from CCECC, stated that full rehabilitation of the Lagos-Kano line will guarantee daily movement of commuters and cargo by rail and increase the skeletal twice per week service operated before the rehabilitation.

An initial feasibility study for the project was produced by the Nigerian branch of the international engineering firm Julius Berger together with an Italian firm, TEAM Consultants, in 2001.

However, the CCECC said they also conducted a "detailed feasibility study" before they participated in a limited tender, and an environmental impact assessment after the contract was awarded.

The Federal Government in a signed agreement with the executing foreign companies had drawn up four possible designs with the help of Italian consulting firm TEAM, and Julius Berger to carry out the following four possible flexible designs for the railway, including rehabilitation of existing narrow gauge, single track at the cost of $1.76 billion; rehabilitation plus a second new narrow gauge, double track at the cost of $6.7 billion; building of new standard gauge, single track line at the cost of $5.81 billion; and finally new standard gauge, double track except Abuja-Kaduna, for $8.3 billion.

In April 2006, along with two other unnamed 'pre-qualified companies,' CCECC was invited to submit tender documents, which they did in June 2006 and were awarded rehabilitation contract of the Lagos-Kano rail line.

Apart from also assuring that the rehabilitation of the narrow gauge rail lines will boost daily movement of goods and passengers, the Chinese company and others through the then Federal Ministry of Transport stated that the rehabilitation will also enhance linkage of all terminals within Apapa port complex to marshaling yards and exchange gate to Ebute Metta and beyond.

The Guardian gathered that other benefits of the rehabilitation of Lagos-Kano rail line would include prompt evacuation of bulk goods from Apapa port; movement of petroleum products from Total, Mobil, Oando, A-Z, and Hensmor Tank farms to various locations in the country.

There was also the assumption for substantial reduction in road congestion associated with tankers carrying cement or petrol if the rehabilitation was done.

Nonetheless, investigations reveal that series of arguments over the superiority of standard gauge line over narrow gauge or broad gauge line have been rife in Europe and the United States many years ago.

While some proponents of narrow gauge argue that it is best for conveying heavy duty goods and cost saving, other reformists who wanted the new form of standard gauge or broad gauge also engaged government for concession, each arguing that the one is better than the other.

Investigations have shown that the narrow gauge rail tracks have in the past, served the country well for haulage and transportation of commuters, which is perhaps why parts of Europe have retained the narrow gauge line for different haulage rail services.

Head of Press in the Ministry of Transportation in Abuja, Yetunde Shonaiki when contacted, declined comments, saying the issue should be put into writing and submitted for verification.

When The Guardian called at the CCECC headquarters, top officials of the company who pleaded anonymity said the company violated no rules of engagement in the two instances.

One of the officials said the company was in order when it said that full rehabilitation of the Lagos-Kano narrow gauge line can foster daily operation, adding that in rehabilitation the rails are made to function as good as brand new.

Another official who equally pleaded anonymity said: "When you carry out full rehabilitation it's just like fixing a bad portion of a road. But when you dualise, it gives room for more cars and you can move faster. This is what has happened. It's also possible to liken the scenario before the Global System of Mobile Telecommunications (GSM) and the lines were few. But after digitisation of telephones, we now have more people who own phones. That is also how it is when you do standard gauge line. It is more stable and the trains can go faster on it."

Another official explained that the CCECC was not the sole contractor to the job, arguing that the company merely carried out work on the rudimentary Jebba-Kano end of the 1,124km long rail track.

Documents obtained by The Guardian, however, showed that CCECC was a key contractor in the project, the same as captured newly in the 2016 budget.

Efforts to get Costain Ltd to comment on their level of involvement in the Lagos-Kano rail were not successful before press time, as they had been penciled down for participation in the rehabilitation project.

Also, repeated efforts to get the Director Rail Services in the Federal Ministry of Transportation, Mohammed Babakobi to comment on the issue failed.



Maintaining success in a business venture takes as much hardwork as it is required to become the success in the first place. There is need for knowledge and the right strategies in place if you are going to stay thriving. A business can fail as quickly as it rose if proper care is not taken to manage and maintain the business. Here are 5 tips/strategies needed to maintain success in your business.
PLANNING AHEAD: for every step you want to take in your business, it is necessary to plan ahead before executing the plans. Feasibility studies and analysis of everything necessary to execute your plans should be in place. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. It is therefore necessary to have all your plans in place and source for everything needed to execute it before kick off.

BE WILLING TO TAKE RISK: a trend setter is always a risk taker. An entrepreneur that cannot take risk with decisions and investments cannot grow or maintain certain standards. You have to be able to think outside of the box and give it all it takes to make your business grow to the point that you want it to be.
ADOPT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE STRATEGY: your customers are the life line of your business. You have to make sure you do everything necessary to keep your customer base intact. Hire good staff with good communication skills that have all that is required to take your business to the next level.

STAY ONTOP OF YOUR GAME: you cannot afford to get distracted in business. Staying innovative and competitive is the best way to keep maintaining success in your business. Keep getting better, keep improving yourself, keep discovering new ways to do business and stay relevant.
Business is not for everyone, business is for people that can develop the right strategies and approach necessary to keep them relevant year in year out.




A few years ago when the barrel of crude petroleum was selling for over $100, Nigerian economists and the global financial institutions – the World Bank and IMF- measuring the change in GDP, claimed that Nigeria was one of the fastest growing nations in the world. Now that crude petroleum has dropped to below $50 dollars per barrel, Nigeria is no more one of the fastest growing nations in the world. Government and the Nigerian experts are again talking of diversification of the economy as they usually do when oil prices are low. What is diversification? The Honourable Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, in Dubai, recently, while contributing in a panel discussion on Africa entitled: "Sub-Saharan Africa, Just a Rough Patch," said that Nigeria is adapting to its new realities and it is implementing fiscal policies to steer the country back on its track for stable growth with a diversified economy. Continuing, the Minister said, the real vulnerability of the Nigerian economy is the over-dependence on a single source of revenue, oil. So we are doing a combination of things to diversify our economy, with revenue mobilisation to enable investment in developing the non-oil sectors. Economic diversification is tantamount to investing in the non-oil sectors of the economy especially the power, agriculture, solid minerals, housing and transportation. This was how PDP governments 1999-2015 also conceived diversification.

The PDP governments 1999-2015 and the APC government May 2015 till now, do not understand what economic diversification entails. True economic diversification is a fruit or aftermath of industrialisation. Mere capital investment in many areas of an economy does not lead to true economic diversification.

The region occupied by the modern Western Europe was harnessed into the Roman Empire in 55 B. C. The western portion of the empire broke up in 406 A. D. England and other modern nations of Western Europe were clearly defined in the period between the 10th and 13th century. England, the most progressive 10th nation in Europe then, achieved the first modern Industrial Revolution (IR) in the period 1770-1850 (Gregg, 1971). When England achieved the first modern IR, the roads in the nation were still those left by the Roman Empire, showing that England did not build roads and telecommunications networks and other structures as prerequisites to promoting sustainable growth and industrialisation. But immediately England achieved the modern IR, good roads, railways and tubes, canals and other infrastructure were developed rapidly as aftermath of industrialisation (Gregg, 1971.)

History, therefore, demonstrates that Britain, America, China and other technologically advanced nations of today had to develop the people and the Knowledge, Skills and Competence (KSC)-framework for solving the problems of their nations before building the relevant infrastructure, because that is what nature and wisdom suggest. The hibiscus flowering plant like other flowering plants, has the root and shoot systems. Whereas the root system is buried in the soil, the shoot which bears the beautiful flowers is usually above the ground. The root system is always established before the shoot system. The beautiful bright-red 5-petal flowers are borne by the shoot system. The shoot system expresses and announces the healthy status of the root system. Once the root system is cut off from the shoot system, the beautiful flowers wither. This explains why a nation should not and cannot erect complex infrastructure before developing the necessary knowledge, skills and competences (KSCs) for building and maintaining the structures.

The Nigerian government and Shell Petroleum Development Company assessed 50 years of the Oil and Gas Industry (OGI) in 2006, after investing over $10 billion every year, and concluded that there was nothing to show for it. Nigerians know the state of the Nigerian economy and its infrastructure. Do Nigerians now have the knowledge, skills and competences for exploiting the OGI today after FDIs have flowed into it for over 50 year? Does our experience support the belief that mere capital investment promotes Sustainable Economic Growth and Industrialization (SEGI)? No! If our experience has disproved all our assumptions, why our leaders still campaign for capital investments especially FDIs? Can we build a nation by doing the things we know do not promote SEGI? No! Are Nigerian leaders managing the economy for Nigerians or for foreigners to make profit while Nigerians die in abject poverty? That does not mean well for Nigerians and Nigeria. Our leaders must change immediately to save Nigeria.

The research works of Charles Cobb (a mathematician) and Paul Douglas (economist) in 1928, Douglas (1948), Abramowitz (1956) and Solow (1957) showed that capital contributes very little to achieving SEGI. Gerschenkron (1966) examined the Western industrialisation experience and concluded that capital investment was not a prerequisite to it. Our scientific research in Obafemi Awolowo University, using equations and graphs also showed that mere capital investment does not promote SEGI. Nigeria has been stagnating because Nigeria's planning is premised on the faulty premise that mere capital investments especially FDIs promote growth. President Buhari can and should reverse the downward trend and save Nigeria.



Success is hardly a thing of luck, success involves series of attitudes and behaviours towards right direction required to achieve ones goals. To be successful with your goals, you have to be focus, determined, optimistic and hardworking. Changing your attitude to life is the first direction towards achieving your life goal. Here are few attitudes for successful people to cultivate.
QUIT WAITING: waiting for the right time for things to work out is not an attitude for successful people. You can’t wait around for your dreams to just happen. You need to gear up and work consistently in the right direction before you can achieve your goals.

THE PROCESS IS CRUCIAL: every step and process taken towards achieving your goal is important. Your journey is as important as your destination. Take part in the journey and keep learning from it.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: many of the popularly known successful people have done something unthinkable and were able to bring value out of it. Innovation is the most important element to creativity and success. Keep challenging yourself to do think different and do better.
KEEP LEARNING: the ability to keep learning is a pre requisite for success. You need to keep feeding your mind with studies and ideas if you want it to stay fresh and alive. Researching, reading and keeping yourself enlightened is the easiest way to acquire the right information necessary for you.

STAY POSITIVE: dwelling on problems and challenges is never a trait of successful people. Knowing how to stay positive and have the right mental state is the best way if you are going to achieve your goals at the right time.

THE RIGHT TEAM: The types of people you surround yourself with are a determinant of the quality of success you can achieve. Find the right people to network with, surround yourself with people you want to be like.
CONSISTENT EFFORT: giving up is not in the habit of success driven people. Knowing how to keep working relentlessly till you achieve your dream is the best attitude an aspirer can keep up.

Associate these positive qualities to your life on a daily basis and watch yourself get driven to success in good time.


Transitioning from the start up phase of a business to the growth phase is a major challenge for most businesses. This means you are no longer struggling to get your feet rooted but you are now facing the challenge of growing your business to the stage where you want it to be. There are lots more involved in this phase of the business compared efforts needed to set out. Business owners at every phase should be equipped with the right knowledge and understanding needed to keep their business not only afloat but thriving.
HIRING WRONG: having the wrong manager or inefficient staff for your business is an easy way for your business to go down the drain and not grow as quickly as it should.

BEING A SPENDTHRIFT: being an over conscious spending and going for the cheapest things instead of valuables is another easy way to keep your business from growing and fast as it should be.
INSUFFICIENT FUND: growing of any business and keeping it alive and trendy enough definitely involves some capital which most entrepreneur might not be willing to spend especially when it is needed for non profit yielding side of the business.

INEFFICIENT SALES AND MARKETING ABILITIES: this is most likely to occur if much effort is not put into marketing and advertisement at the initial stage of the business. The business is likely to suffer inefficient sales and profit margin when it is suppose to be nurturing the growth stage. In other words, building your network is crucial if your business is going to growth.
LACK OF STRATEGIC PLANS: for the growth of every business, there has to be strategies in place if your business to growth and thrive. Lack of these plans in place is an easy way to fail at thriving as well as your business should.

The following keys are strategies necessary to help every business overcome the growth state and transition into the thriving state.


Funke Akindele talking about perseverance, hardwork and giving it your best when you are aimed at achieving success.


As a business owner, your staff is your team. They are responsible for how successful your venture is likely to grow. In return, you are responsible for the growth of their productivity and efficiency. It’s quite easy to motivate workers with bonuses and incentives but beyond monetary values, there are so many other ways an employer can motivate and inspire his workers. Here are some ideas of ways to inspire your workers aside from money and bonuses.
OPEN FLOORS: giving your employees an open floor to state their minds and ideas of how they can be motivated and things that can keep them encouraged while they work for you is an approach towards motivating them. This would help you collate ideas of what is important to your staff and what you can do to make their lives better.

PUBLIC RECOGNITION: making your workers aware of what the organisation goals are and giving public recognition to whatever step is taken by anyone to make those goals achievable. Public recognition gives a sense of being appreciated and motivates everyone to work in similar ways.
EXTRA PRIVILEDGES: the quality of peoples work like is important to their mental relieve. Giving your staff extra privileges like opportunities to work from home, having access to free lunch if the company can afford it are ways of making the work condition less stressful to deal with.

OPPORTUNITIES TO IMPROVE: giving your workers the opportunity to improve their lives by being able to study part time, being able to learn more skills aside etc are some the impressive ways to help your workers develop themselves and add more quality to their lives while they work for you.
When you motivate the people that work for you, it is definitely going to affect the quality of their jobs and how efficient they will be