Many jobs involve routine, doing the same things over and over. Many employees find these activities boring and monotonous. Many people get unhappy with their jobs within a short period after setting out. Blaming your boss is often the easiest thing to do or the direction to take in justifying your situation. This makes many people incompetent at their jobs and drastically reduces effectiveness. Many people associate their problems with wrong leadership and management but at the end of the day, you need the job because you need the pay and it is better to consider ways of staying happy on the job rather than complaining about the job all the time. Tips on making your life and work place a better place.
PERSONAL GOALS: regardless of how boring or tiring your work environment may be, focusing on your personal goals and the reasons you have to do what you do are easy motivators. Let your goals inspire you and encourage you to be efficient and find comfort in what you do. Have a clear view of where you are headed and what you want to achieve and let this keep driving you to do better at whatever you do.

MEASURE YOUR GOALS: for everyday filled with necessities and activities, you must be able to figure out how and place priorities where needs be. Take on the task that you find challenging and involve yourself in activities that brings out the best in you. Understand where your strength lies and know how to cover up for your weakness.

IMPROVE YOURSELF: To increase your overall work satisfaction, its important to reflect on your strength and weakness. Know where you need to get better and the activities you can engage in to improve yourself. Be a team player and be conscious of the vibes you pass around to your colleagues.
You don’t have to wait for anyone to encourage you or make life better for you. Work towards making your life and work place a more comfortable place for you. This is most likely to improve your output and effectiveness.