As a business owner, your staff is your team. They are responsible for how successful your venture is likely to grow. In return, you are responsible for the growth of their productivity and efficiency. It’s quite easy to motivate workers with bonuses and incentives but beyond monetary values, there are so many other ways an employer can motivate and inspire his workers. Here are some ideas of ways to inspire your workers aside from money and bonuses.
OPEN FLOORS: giving your employees an open floor to state their minds and ideas of how they can be motivated and things that can keep them encouraged while they work for you is an approach towards motivating them. This would help you collate ideas of what is important to your staff and what you can do to make their lives better.

PUBLIC RECOGNITION: making your workers aware of what the organisation goals are and giving public recognition to whatever step is taken by anyone to make those goals achievable. Public recognition gives a sense of being appreciated and motivates everyone to work in similar ways.
EXTRA PRIVILEDGES: the quality of peoples work like is important to their mental relieve. Giving your staff extra privileges like opportunities to work from home, having access to free lunch if the company can afford it are ways of making the work condition less stressful to deal with.

OPPORTUNITIES TO IMPROVE: giving your workers the opportunity to improve their lives by being able to study part time, being able to learn more skills aside etc are some the impressive ways to help your workers develop themselves and add more quality to their lives while they work for you.
When you motivate the people that work for you, it is definitely going to affect the quality of their jobs and how efficient they will be