There are so many business options that can be considered by people that have good driving skills. You can infuse every other skill you have and make your business go mobile. This is likely to differentiate you and give you an edge over people who do similar business conventionally. This means you are not waiting for clients to come to you but you go to them and make your products and services available to them.  You can consider the below business option, evaluate you potentials and know if you can handle the business before venturing into it.
DELIVERY SERVICES: the business world is changing and online retail is taking over the world. Offering delivery services to online retail business is an option to consider if you are a good driver. All you need is a good navigation system and the ability to make it in time for delivery.

SETTING UP A DRIVING SCHOOL: this is another option of business to consider if you are a good driver and you possess good instruction skills. You can easily set up a man or two man business which can fetch you a good income within a short pace of time.

SETTING UP A MOBILE STORE: nowadays, people are getting acquainted to the more comfortable ways of doing business and buying products. Whether it is a food truck or a mobile bread delivery or selling of wears and cosmetics from a place to another, you are definitely going to get people who are willing to patronise you which is going to give you the opportunity to earn a living.
MOVING VANS: there is also another profitable opportunity in the moving van business. People always have the needs to move their luggage from one location to another for different reasons. Setting up a moving van company is another small scale considerable business venture to consider for aspiring business owners.

Driving is a skill and mobility is a necessity for products and services to circulate nationwide. Consider infusing your driving skills into other business options you can venture into and watch your business make new marks in no time.