Some businesses require less of capital and more of skills. Many of these businesses have the potentials to thrive very well if they are run diligently. Here are some of the businesses you can consider if you have less of capital and more of skills.
Cleaning services: A cleaning business is a lucrative business to consider. It is a good option for people in need of alternative income source. Running a cleaning service might involve good networking for people, households and even companies that would be in need of your service. You might also need to find people that have experiences with cleaning or who are willing to learn. Businesses like this do not require much capital, it is more of branding yourself and having the right connection.

Computer services and maintenance: Almost every organisation and company today makes use of a computer. Having a skill in computer services and maintenance is a venture that is not likely to run out customers. You are likely not to need much money when starting up a business as such. The most important requirement is your skill and getting the word out there that you do what you do.
Social media consultant: if you are very good with social media and you can find your way around the internet easily. You could consider being a social media consultant. This could be an alternative income source for you. You would be surprised how many small scale businesses and the likes that would require your service to get their names out there on social media. Capital is not what you need, it is more of skills.

Copywriting: freelance writing is a very lucrative business to consider in the world of today. You could write for anyone anywhere in the world. Capital is not what you need to market yourself. It is your skills and how well you can do what you do. If you do it right, you would be surprised how much people are willing to pay writers for mental work.
Adults care assistant: many homes are filled with elderly people who need to be taken care of. You could consider starting up a business as such. Contrary to what one would think, you do not need to be a nurse to be qualified for a trade like this. You could work as an agent that hook people willing to work in this sector up with potential client. Capital will not hold you back.

These businesses can make one financially independent and even make you a boss of your own in a good time if you strategize and establish diligently.