An ideal work place is not necessarily a place where you feel most comfortable or where you get a free cup of tea every morning. The quality of an organisation and its impact on you as a worker has a lot to do with how valuable your job can be considered and how comfortable you should feel with such a type of job. Here are five traits you should look out for in a work environment.

IMPACT: you have to be sure you would be making a good impact in the organisation you are working for. Be sure there is an opportunity for your potentials to grow and improve.
CHALLENGES: a work place that doesn’t solve problems or teach you anything is not the right environment to stay in. You have to learn continuously, keep gaining experience and keep learning new things. A workplace that cannot give you the opportunities for this is not the right environment for you.

RESPECT: a place where you work should be an environment where you feel respected and loved. There needs to be regards for your person, your background and everything that makes you who you are. If you can’t be treated like you think you deserve, you can choose to quit.
GOALS: for any organisation or company you decide to work for, you have to be sure you have aligned goals. Be sure their vision and mission does not go against your beliefs. This would make your work process easier and achievable.

LEADERSHIP: be sure the organisation has good leaders you can look up to and people that can mentor you.  Having a supportive manager and team makes it easier for you to be motivated and achieve your goals easily.
You work place is where you spend a lot of your time, making it the best work area and a conducive work zone would make achieving your goals very easy.