The assumption that going into business with your friend or family member is always a doom isn’t always right. There are several ways to keep a healthy business relationship regardless of the personal relationship you share with a potential business partner. Many friends and families and even siblings have collaborated to do businesses which still thrive even after years of establishment. Here are some ways to keep a healthy business relationship regardless of what the relationship is outside of the business.

EQUAL CONTRIBUTIONS: for every partnership, it is necessary for every party to have equal contributions. It is better and safer for every partner to have equal amounts of financial contributions and effort contributions so as to avoid the risk being higher at one end than the other.
BALANCED WORKLOAD: a partnership is more likely to fail if one party works towards the achievement of work goals than the other(s). The work load must be balanced and shared equally regardless of it is.

TOGETHERNESS AND AGREEMENTS: partners must be comfortable working with one another and find it easy to agree on terms. Partnerships that disagree on too many issues and that does not see eye to eye are more likely to fail in no time.
TRANSPARENCY AND SIMILAR PROSPECT: transparency is a basic requirement for partnership. Keeping secrets in business is a major business killer. Having common ideas and common goals are ways to which partnership can aim towards success.

GOOD COMMUNICATION HABITS: partners must cultivate the habits of communicating with one another and sharing of information from time to time. Learning to trash out issues and move past them is a good way to keep the relationship strong and healthy.
Many friends, families and siblings have managed to stay in business for long and they have managed to coexist and make good money while they still keep their personal relationship strong.