As a business owner, measuring your progress in your business isn’t a function of your financial status. It goes beyond how much you have made and how big your business is. Measurement of progress goes is a function of some of the factors assembled below:
HOW YOUR COMPETITORS SEE YOU: you can denote how valuable you are in the industry based on how your competitors see you. Your competitor feeling uneasy and threatened by your arrival is a sign that you are doing something right.

HOW EAGER YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE: your employees showing enthusiasm and the right attitude towards work is also a measure of progress. Its a way to denote they will be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your venture attains its full potential.
FINANCIAL INCREASE: if you keep making and increase in the digits you make also denotes progress.

ACCOUNTABILITY: another way to measure your level of progress is to consider the accountability of your business. A business that can account for every of its resources and profit is a successful business. its a way to stay in check and do the right things for the progress of your business.
TRANSPARENCY: when you have an established transparency in your work place, it will encourage workers to stay in check and thereby improving the opportunity for progress and measurement of individual performance.

The above tips are relevant if you are going to measure the progress of your business or even work towards ways to encourage and establish progress.