There are so many attitudes that are likely to end the careers of hardworking entrepreneurs. So many people kill their careers unconsciously without paying attention to certain details. It is very easy to destroy your career and reputation if care is not taken. Here are some attitudes you should watch out for and control before they end your career.
SELF SATISFACTION: when you are contented with who you are and what you earn, you might soon find yourself out of place. Complacency is a real career killer. Being open to change is the way to grow. Be ready to learn all the time. Acquire more skills and find ways to be better.

UNDER DELIVERY: over promising people especially clients and under delivering is another easy way to make people lose trust in you and this is going to kick you out of business in no time. You don’t need to over impress and sweet talk people into doing business with you and then disappointing them eventually.
SIDE LINNING YOUR VISION: getting carried away and forgetting why you started what you are doing is another way to knock yourself out. You need to always keep in check what your priorities are and always be conscious of what you need to achieve.

EGO: when you have had some successes in the past and you are considered an achiever, it is easy for you to develop some over confidence. Dwelling on past success and thinking you have got it all figured out is a good way to get ahead of yourself and mess career up.
FAKING UP: when you can’t stick to being real and being genuine, people figure you out easily and it’s more likely for them to stay away. Authenticity and being true to yourself is the easiest way to keep your business and career intact.

NEGATIVITY: emotions affect the people around us. Being negative all the time would have a negative impact on your co workers or team. This is likely going to influence the work process and complicate things for you and people around you. It will be harder to work around you and easier for people to avoid you if you carry a negative energy.
Be conscious of these factors and attitudes, try as much as you can to avoid them and watch your career getter better.