Success is hardly a thing of luck, success involves series of attitudes and behaviours towards right direction required to achieve ones goals. To be successful with your goals, you have to be focus, determined, optimistic and hardworking. Changing your attitude to life is the first direction towards achieving your life goal. Here are few attitudes for successful people to cultivate.
QUIT WAITING: waiting for the right time for things to work out is not an attitude for successful people. You can’t wait around for your dreams to just happen. You need to gear up and work consistently in the right direction before you can achieve your goals.

THE PROCESS IS CRUCIAL: every step and process taken towards achieving your goal is important. Your journey is as important as your destination. Take part in the journey and keep learning from it.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: many of the popularly known successful people have done something unthinkable and were able to bring value out of it. Innovation is the most important element to creativity and success. Keep challenging yourself to do think different and do better.
KEEP LEARNING: the ability to keep learning is a pre requisite for success. You need to keep feeding your mind with studies and ideas if you want it to stay fresh and alive. Researching, reading and keeping yourself enlightened is the easiest way to acquire the right information necessary for you.

STAY POSITIVE: dwelling on problems and challenges is never a trait of successful people. Knowing how to stay positive and have the right mental state is the best way if you are going to achieve your goals at the right time.

THE RIGHT TEAM: The types of people you surround yourself with are a determinant of the quality of success you can achieve. Find the right people to network with, surround yourself with people you want to be like.
CONSISTENT EFFORT: giving up is not in the habit of success driven people. Knowing how to keep working relentlessly till you achieve your dream is the best attitude an aspirer can keep up.

Associate these positive qualities to your life on a daily basis and watch yourself get driven to success in good time.