Success is not a destination, it is a journey that must be travelled with the right attitudes and strategies. Some habits which many successful people have cultivated over the years have made it easier for them to be more productive and better achievers.
FOCUS ON TIMING: successful people know that every second of every minute is crucial and important. Once gone can never be regained so they cultivate the habit of making every minute count.

FOCUS ON A THING AT A TIME: to be successful, you have to know paying attention to one thing at a time is the best approach to efficient output. You can’t afford to be distracted or be confused with too many things.

THEY MAP OUT A PLAN: to achieve success easily, mapping out a plan of how to do things and how to go about them easily is the best approach. You can’t afford to be cumbersome or confused.

THEY AVOID PROCASTINATION: getting things done in the right time is the best way to achieve success. Making the moment count and avoid deferring is the best approach.

THEY STAY HEALTHY: regardless the drive and the zeal, knowing that health is an essential factor is a trait of successful people. They stay healthy and keep a good life and diet routine.
THEY KEEP A RECORD: writing of ideas, thoughts, lessons and every detail you are able to come up with is crucial if you are going to develop your thoughts. Carrying a note and keeping a record is an essential habit for successful people.

AVOID ACCUMULATING TASK: keeping your schedule light and smooth is important if you are going to get the job done. Avoid accumulating task and work overloads.
THEY HAVE THE POSITIVE ENERGY: most successful people have a whole dose of positivity and optimism in them. They find it easy to focus even in terrible situations. They know what motivates them and keep them alive in their daily endeavours.

These are attitudes that should be encouraged in people generally to improve productivity and possibilities.