Tourism is an aspect of culture that can generate revenue for any society. There are so many aspects associated with tourism. Becoming a tour guide and even going as far as establishing a business in it is a good way to generate income from the culture and tourism sector. if you have a passion for adventure, talking to people and getting people excited, you can consider becoming a tour guide and even establishing a business in  it later on. Many people travel far and wide to see different places and take vacations. It is mostly necessary to get someone who can make them understand what they seeing and the history behind them. A tour guide needs personal attributes like good communication skills, good background information and ability to relate with a diverse group of people. Steps involved in starting a tour guide business.
LOCATION: setting up your business in a location that is close to tourist centres is the most important step to starting out. You can’t operate a tour guide business where your business is not relevant. Focus on the areas where people visit very well and establish your business there.

TRAININGS: you cannot do it all alone, you can consider hiring people who have potentials and attributes that are good for your business and which can help make your business thrive. Train people that have potentials and establish your business to suit your purposes.
BUSINESS REGISTRATIONS: find out the requirements which are supposed to be met before starting up your business. get government approvals and required papers for setting up.

ADVERTISING AND MARKETING: there are ways in which you can create awareness for what you do, design special uniforms for your staff, advertise online and offline.
No business is too small to turn into something big. Make good plans and find the bright ways to execute your plans. Look for investors if needed and gradually watch your business become successful.