There is a big difference between goal setting and goal achieving. The former seems to be very easy and while the latter is where the hardwork and commitment comes in. The transformation between goal setting and goal achieving takes a lot of diligence perseverance and determination. Here are some steps towards understanding when to take a step further from setting of goals and actually realising them.
CLARIFICATION AND CERTAINTY: there needs to be a concrete and concise idea of what you want. You have to know what it takes to achieve your goals,  the feasible time frame that is logical for you to achieve your goals, the plans needed to achieve those goals and so on. There needs to be a clarified goal and what you need to achieve them.

CREATE A PLAN FOR SUCCESS: after understanding your dreams and potentials and also knowing what is necessary to make your goals become achievable. It is also important to create a concrete plan towards achieving your goals. Make a list of everything you need to achieve your goals. If possible write down your goals and the steps you are likely to take to achieve them.
TAKE PERSISTENT EFFORT: for every of your dreams and desire, take that needed relentless effort and step towards achieving them. Be conscious of the difference between setting and stating out your goals and working effortlessly to achieve them. This is the most important factor towards the transition your plans into an achievement. Only massive action towards the actualisation of your dreams can get you the kind of success you desire.