Africa has continuously witnessed businesses and sectors that have had a major impact on the economy in the last decade.  Many brands have started their ventures in different business sectors and they have recorded success on many grounds. Now is a time to consider Africa for lucrative and profitable investments. There is room for innovations and developments in already existing sectors and the high population rate has made the continent a good opportunity for new business ideas.

Here are some of the markets that are booming in Africa which investors can consider for investment purposes.
ONLINE RETAIL: there has been a reputable increment in the use accessibility of online retail in Africa generally, especially in countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. This is one of the sectors where business owners have made huge amounts in the past decade and there are still opportunities for business owners in this field.

FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY: the financial technology Industries have grown tremendously in Africa also and there is still more room for growth and development in fields like this in years to come.
HEALTH CARE SECTOR: healthcare diagnosis and cure is another sector that is booming in Africa. Natives spend as much as they can afford to get good health and sound medical attention. Several international treatment centres have been established and running effectively in recent years.

TRANSPORTATION: the rise in urbanisation and development has given rise to the need for adequate transport system even in Africa’s developing countries. Countries like South Africa and Kenya have tapped into the power of this business’ prospect. It is lucrative to consider some of these developing countries for technological inclined mobility solutions.
ICT: providing ICT solutions is an industry that has been booming in Africa in the past decade. The application of ICT is now relevant in many fields. This has created a room for growth for investors in this field.

Africa is a strong ground for business. Its population growth rate and development rate has made it an emerging market for many business sectors. This has created a good opportunity for investors to do business and thrive well.