Grasscutter is an herbivores animal that can be reared on a large scale for consumption. It is a small size rodent which does not require a large space to rear. They have a good reproduction rate and are not prone to diseases. Many restaurants and fast foods have delicacies with grasscutter meat. They are mostly common in western and southern parts of Africa. Their meats are generally accepted and they are rich in protein and low in fat when compared to the other types of meat. Rearing and consumption of grasscutter is lucrative and beneficial. It is a business that can be started on a small scale and which can eventually turn into something big if executed properly. Grasscutter if processed and preserved very well can also be considered for export. Here are some considerable tips for business starters

RESEARCH: it’s not a bad thing to consider rearing of grasscutters except when you choose to go into the business blindly. It’s important to get all the necessary knowledge and understanding relating to running a grasscutter farm. Read extensively about them, know the type of weather suitable for rearing, the type of feed that is beneficial to them and the methods applicable for rearing and keeping them healthy.
BREEDING: ensure selecting healthy and strong animals for breeding. This will help in improving the qualities of the offsprings. Know the type of season which is best for breeding and make provision for adequate space for offsprings.

FEEDING: grasscutters are quite cheap and affordable to feed. They mostly depend on grasses and herbs for food. Supplements can also be considered and added to improve their growth rate and enhance their systems.
HOUSING: grasscutters are averagely small in size and do not require large spaces for rearing. It is important to provide them with neat cages or houses depending on the type of design you are using. Good ventilation and adequate shelter is required if they are going to stay healthy.

MARKETING: good networking and marketing strategies is necessary if you are planning on making good profits from time to time. It is important to figure out your market and the people who will need your livestock from time to time so that you can be guaranteed of running a profitable business.

Grasscutter business can grow from something small to a multi millionaire venture if established very well.