Modelling business has been in existence for a long time. Many people earn a living from modelling and setting up modelling business. Becoming a professional model and teaching models skills needed to become efficient models are ways in which individuals can come into the sector and make a reasonable living. There are different aspects to modelling. You can come in as a catalogue model or product model or as a fashion model, depending on your strength and features. Developing countries like Nigeria have come to appreciate the fashion and beauty sectors over the years and more people are coming to make money from beauty and fashion.
Tips on starting up a modelling business:
Business registration: it’s important to register your business with the appropriate agencies involved. This will give you the opportunity to network with the right people in the business and make it easier for you to start your venture

Business pattern: there are many aspects to modelling, it is important to focus on the aspects you are comfortable with the most. You could decide to get established as a fashion modelling agency, beauty products agency, health care products, catalogue modelling and many others.
Capital: starting up a modelling agency can be quite capital intensive. It requires you moving to and fro different places and discovering young people with needed looks and features. It involves some spending and getting the models you recruit to their needed agencies. Hiring of photographers, getting of outfits and some many aspect of recruiting models involves capital investments.

Marketing:  knowing how to market your business and placing the right adverts makes it easier for you to close deals and get clients. It also makes it easier for you to locate aspiring models and people that can help with your business.
Modelling business is viable and doable, especially in the world of today where there is an e side to every sector. Advertising has been the major way to boom business and models make an interpretation for adverts and fashion.