Finding the best team and assembling the most competent people for the job is one of the roles of an entrepreneur. The quality of the type of team you are able to put together will have a long way to go in the types and quality of services they would be able to offer and deliver to your clients. The quality and the efficiency of your team will improve your opportunities for investors and sealing of good deals. Here are some of the qualities you can consider in a team you choose to work with.
PRIOR EXPERIENCE: building a good business requires a well experienced team in relating fields. Either for a failed business or a successful prior business, experience is always relevant and required for a new venture.

CREDENTIALS CAPABILITY: it is not mostly true that your credentials are the direct quality of what you can offer, but it is also important for team members to have certified credentials supporting their claims in areas of expertise.
GOOD INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: a team that cannot associate together or that have personal differences might find it hard to function together. Therefore the chemistry and outside work relationship within a team is an important determinant of how well they can perform at their jobs.

VALUES AND STRENGTH: it’s no brainer that a team must have all it takes to carry out expected functions. The strength, the charisma, the optimism, the passion, the zeal and the drive are some of the attributes that are crucial in a team that is going to be efficient.
PROBLEM SOLVERS: it is important for a team to be an assembly of problem solvers, the ability to be resourceful, not being afraid to make decisions, being innovative and cooperative must all the present in a good team.

It is hardly possible for one man to fully execute any business, the quality of the team you are able to come up with is an equivalent of the quality of your work process.