For every business owner, your customer base is the strength of your business. The numbers of customers you have and the necessary efforts you put in place to keep them coming back is a determinant of how likely your business is going to grow. The economic meltdown is a perfect determinant that establishment of small and medium scale enterprises is the right direction to go for people who are looking to become financially stable and who are smart enough to know that the economy is not thriving enough to secure everyone a white collar job. Depending on the branch of the economic chain you are, keeping your customer base might be challenging and difficult at some point. Competition keeps rising and new people keep coming into business everyday.
Here are some tips to keep your business base intact despite the competition.

MAKE YOUR PRODUCTS ACCESSIBLE: either online or conventionally, making your business easily accessible for intending customers is a good strategy towards keeping customers coming back. Having your website easy to navigate and having reliable payment options is a good way to retain customers. Commercial locations are advisable for conventional stores.
GOOD VALUE PRODUCTS: in the world of today, there are so many adulterated products in almost every corner of the market. Having consistent valuable products with good quality will help keep your business and customers intact regardless of what the economy is saying.

DISCOUNTS AND PROMOS: this is another easy way to keep your customer base attracted and tempted to come back for more. Every buyer gets excited at the sound of bonus and discounts on products they are purchasing.
GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE: having a good customer service base with good communication skills and well trained customer service skill is also a good way to keep a good customer relationship and keep them coming back to do business with you.

Your customers are the life line of your business and the more you pay attention into making sure your customers are satisfied and happy, the more they are likely to do business with you.