Many people aspire to start a business of their own, some people even have some resources in place waiting to be tapped into. There are however some thoughts that needs to be put in place if a business venture is going to kick off and stand the test of time. You can’t start up a business with some shallow thoughts or because you are desperate to make end means. A lot of thoughts and efforts go into starting up business and nurturing it to success. There are several problems attached to running a business. There is need to compete with existing entrepreneurs in the business and still make your business thrive, there is also the need to strategize on how to market and sell your goods or services at profitable rate and many others. Beating the constant setbacks you would experience takes you having the right plans in place before starting up your business.
ASK YOURSELF ‘WHY’: This has to be the purpose of you starting your venture, your dreams and your focus. This is the foundation on which you have built your ideas and reasons. This is the biggest motivator you need. Your reasons would constantly keep you in check and give you reasons not to give up.

DEFINE YOUR ‘WHAT’: this is the answer to executing your desires and aims. This is the vision that you have derived from your ‘why’ and it is the basis on which you are going to build and structure your dreams and aspirations on.
EXECUTE YOUR ‘HOW’: this is the step by step process of bringing into realization your ‘why’ and your ‘what’. This is the mission that’s going to fulfil your vision and make your dreams come true. Your how is the most important question to ask because this is the question that entails everything needed from resources to man power to bring your goals to live.
Specific purpose with the right motivation and an efficient ways of executing is all an aspiring entrepreneur needs to attain the level of financial freedom he desires.