Having a business of your own is a step towards financial security. Most jobs don’t pay well enough and many people especially in developing countries like Nigeria need to have alternative income sources if they are going to meet end means and have some extra money to their names. As tedious and challenging as it might be, you can consider starting a business of your own without quitting your paying job. Many entrepreneurs started this way and they have been successful in making their business thrive as well as perform adequately at their jobs.
Here are some tips to be considered by business starters

STICKING TO ROUTINE: schedule appropriately and make time for each venture. Be accountable for your time and learn to stick to routine. Adapt to being a boss and an employee at the same time. Learning how to strike a balance between both jobs would help you execute them successfully.
LEARN TO FOCUS: adopt the focus strategy. Do each job diligently when you are at it, be self discipline and know how to organise your schedule. There is a need for a list of done and undone projects so you can know what’s next on your to do list.

LET YOUR VISION DRIVE YOU: most times, you could get tired and worked up. Let your vision motivate and inspire you. Let your reasons for setting out push you to get better.
Running a side business isn’t for everyone and there’s absolutely no guarantee of you getting it right on your first attempt. There is need for patience and persistent effort if you are going to realise your goals.