The clothing and textile industry is one of the most viable business sectors that can be considered for investors. Clothing is one of the basic human needs apart from food and shelter. Man cannot survive without clothing, this therefore implies that the textile and clothing sector is a goldmine for people willing to tap into this source of financial sustainability. Years ago, most of our fabrics and materials being used for designing wears are always imported but due to development and government policies, people have been forced to appreciate locally made textiles and patronise the sector much better. This has help improve the economy and make a better business for entrepreneurs in this sector. There are numerous ways in which a potential business man can come into the textile industry. Some of these ways include:

MAKING OF UNIFORMS: you can consider applying for contracts if you are good at sourcing and making uniforms. Different profession uses uniform for their daily works. Securities, corp members, students, laboratory workers etc can be good options of people to consider for making of clothing and making money.
IMPORTATION OF WEARS: importation of wears is still a profitable business. Some countries are reputable for their unique and quality fabrics, so there is always a high demand on their fabrics and wears no matter the regulations and government policies in the country. Investing in importation of wears and fabrics is also a lucrative way to make money from the textile sector.

DYING OF FABRICS: there are locally made fabrics common among the Yoruba people, it is indigenously known as ‘ADIRE’. Making of adire and selling can also serve a way to make money. They are unique to the south western part of Nigeria and can also be considered for export.
SELLING OF FABRICS: there are numerous types of fabrics in the world. Being a distributor or wholesaler is another way to make money from the textile sector. The population is huge and the fashion awareness and trends keep growing bigger.

Clothing is a major human need. People wear something on their body everyday of every year. There is a huge market for clothing and textile material. The business is viable and easy to establish depending on your scale of investment.