It’s easy to set up a business with the sole aim of making profit and being financially sustained. It is easier to forget that cutting of your cost and maximising your resources is one of the easiest ways to have financial surplus. Instead of thinking of how high your sales can be to make you the kind of profit you desire, consider how much you can save on expenses and how well you can manage to reduce your cost of production to the least possible amount. Tips on cutting down your expenses.
HIRE RIGHT: incompetence in staff and workers is possibly going to slow down your work rate. Hiring the right people for a job is important if you are going to cut cost and break even. Skilled and experienced people are going to make the work process efficient and profitable.

ORGANISE TRAININGS: regardless of how competent and experienced your workers are, it’s still necessary to organise trainings from time to time. Equip them with necessary skills and ideas to carry out the job successfully. Don’t assume or expect that they should know. Give them everything they need to do their jobs efficiently.
PROVISION OF NEEDED EQUIPMENT: avoid risking your workers life or giving them the wrong tools for executing the job. Make sure there is provision for the needed and efficient tool for every work process. This would help avoid excess expenses that could occur from wrong execution.

SAFETY ALWAYS: as much as it is important to get the job done fast and economically, it is also important to imbibe safety in your work process. Ensure you make your work process less risky and comfortable for your workers. This will help you prevent spending excess expenses on damages.
LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE: it is important to let your workers know you value their hardwork and presence. You should avoid passing the wrong message across by making them feel productivity surpasses safety. Treat your workers like they are important and imbibe the culture of team effort and team support in them.

These tips would help put your productivity cost in check and it will prevent you spending miscellaneous cost all the time.