Learning is an important process in life, more so, a continuous one. Learning is the pathway to success, it is a process that must be invested in judiciously if there is going to be a reward from it. Most people are comfortable following the same routine all day, all year round and would not invest the right attention and diligence into learning the process of doing things more adequately and efficiently.
Here are three ways to cultivate the habit of learning and imbibing it into our everyday lives.

LISTENING: when you cultivate the habit of listening to details and concentrating on what is important, you find it easier to learn. Listening is an efficient way of staying informed and gathering the necessary knowledge needed for related applications.

HAVE THE RIGHT SOURCE: there are always numerous sources of information for anything you choose to do. Knowing the right source to invest your time and attention into is a good way to have the needed knowledge. Be sure of who to get into conversations with and how to ask for ideas and tips if need be. Seeking for knowledge in the wrong places can kill the vibe for learning.
SUMMARIES: knowing how to figure out the summaries for content will easily improve your learning skills and get you to the important points as soon as possible. The ability to pick up necessary information without getting confused or overboard is necessary for an efficient work process.

Learning cannot be avoided, continuous learning is necessary if you are going to get your mind open to great ideas and opportunities.