Work is associated with stress, the term stress is even mostly considered a normal requirement for making money and earning a living. Many people get become less efficient than they should be due to huge exposure to stress and activities. Negativity can be developed from stress and this is likely to reduce productivity and effectiveness. Some sorts of stress are avoidable and preventable if work is done in a specific way which is directed to increasing efficiency and reducing stress.
Here are some of the causes of stress in work place and how to prevent them

INAPROPRIATE INFORMATION: unclear information is a paramount issue in many work places. Many workers do not have the adequate information on task to do, when due for submission and who to report to. This can increase the stress level in workers and cause unnecessary agitation. Provision of clear information on how a task should be done, who to report to and due dates for reports can help reduce the level of stress in a worker and give them a clear idea of how to go about their assigned task.
TASK OVERLOAD: many work places give workers excessive work load and many side tasks to do from time to time. The process on inconsistency in task assigned and having more than enough work to do tend to increase the stress level in people and this can result in ineffectiveness. Establishment of roles for every team member, giving workers a clear idea of what their day to day activities are and not hesitating to inform then when any changes should occur is a way of keeping things under wrap and creating a stress free work atmosphere.

BALANCE BETWEEN WORK AND PERSONAL LIFE: many workers do not know how to separate their personal lives from work. They answer emails at midnight when they should be resting. This is likely to increase your stress level and make you inefficient when you should work. It is necessary to create a balance between work life and personal life. Be flexible in your schedule and separate business from pleasure by all means.
Getting unnecessarily stressed out will likely reduce efficiency and effectiveness in any organisation. Planning out and strategising on the right ways to carry out your work process effectively should be the ultimate goal of any employer and employee.