Many a time, people equate productivity to hardwork or better still, smart work. In the true sense of entrepreneurship, the ability to be a go getter is the most important factor when trying to improve productivity. Maximum productivity involves courage most importantly, then wisdom and hardwork.
Courage is the tool that separate people with the same tools and opportunities from one another.

COURAGE: when you study the richest and the most enterprising people in the world, it is not hard to understand that courage is what differentiates the successful from the poor. Courage is the ability to accept to go in the direction of your dreams irrespective of how uncomfortable the situation is.  Most people lack the courage needed to take risk that is going to spring them into their breakthroughs. It takes courage to take a step, it takes courage to face challenges.
SMART WORK: it is secondly important to know, that it is not how hard you work or how long it involves. It is how smart you can carry out any work process in as little time as possible that defines the improvement in your level of productivity. Smart work, effective strategies and innovative thinking are the ways to go when looking to improve your productivity.

MORE EFFORT: As important as courage and smart work is, another critical factor to improve productivity is the effort we are willing to put into our everyday work. Either as an entrepreneur or as a business manager, a little more effort and a few more effective hours into our daily work can go a long way in improving productivity and efficiency.

Developing the clear choices of work approach and concentrating at the fullest on  work is the best direction to take while looking for ways to improve efficiency and increase productivity.