It is no weak saying that internet is the new reality and that internet has come to stay. The growth of global internet based brands like Facebook, Google, and the various internet based businesses show the tremendous potential and this is a warning to internet based entrepreneurs that the internet is the new reality and they have to buckle up if they will succeed.
The competition is huge and as an internet based entrepreneur, you need to know every available tools that would be useful for you in making your day to day business and activities easier to achieve.

SOCIAL MEDIA: It is amazing how many internet based businesses set up social media accounts and just don’t know how to properly use them. Clearly the social media will help you establish a more visible online presence. Although,being present is not enough, it is what you do with the presence that matters. You can use paid advertising on any of the major social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to get your business ahead of the competition. Even Government agencies in marketing, PR all make use of the social media to disseminate information, it can be useful for you also.

ONLINE RANKER TOOLS: As the internet becomes the new reality, the competition between internet-based businesses increases steadily. A proper ranker tool will help keep track of your competition’s internet growth and webpage rankings. This will tell you when you need to do way more work.
SEO: SEO tools are the most potent tools to increase visibility and consequently the profitability of your online business. An investment in SEO is crucial if you are concerned about the success of your business online. It would boost your rankings and visibility to those searching for your services and this will make more customers contact you.

BROWSER EXTENSIONS: All internet based entrepreneurs struggle with those situations that require opening too many tabs at the same time and to work from one to the other. Admittedly, this can be a strain and can even make you take extended and unproductive breaks.
Resources like Multi Links (firefox), lets you highlight a large group of links (in the SERPs or webpage), and attempts to open all of them for you at once. With some applications this can be a total life saver. 
These tools are easy ways to success if efficiently maximised.