If you have a conventional 9- 5 job and you have eyes for designs and decorations, you can consider interior decoration for business. The roots of businesses or careers like this can mostly be traced to passion, interest and few good comments to unconscious work done.

Decorations and designs provides the sense of appeal and functionality in most environment, this is why many people require the services of talented professional designers to make their homes, offices, event venues, churches and so on appealing.

Professional designing goes beyond decorating spaces for events but goes as far as the supervising installation of carpets, furniture and window treatments. Designers also work with lighting and acoustic system professionals to enhance environments, such as a residential media room or a professional concert hall.
There are so many benefits associated with considering designing for business. This includes:

The opportunity to become a boss of your own by managing and controlling your own time
You mostly do not need a conventional big space to run your business as a starter. You can start your business from a corner of your home. All you need is the right ways of networking.

You can run an interior design business as an alternative income source aside from any other thing you do. All you need is an appropriate time management skill and multi tasking ability.

You also do not need a huge capital to start a designing business, there are no need for outrageous materials or expensive equipment to invest in. It is more of skills and ability to do certain things in certain ways. Most of your effort and investment would go to developing yourself and spreading the word about your business.