Attaining success is not an easy task, so as staying successful. There are many entrepreneurs today who have adopted certain traits and attributes which are worth emulating and considering if you aim at being successful also. Many household names and well known people like Aliko Dangote, Folorunso Alakija, Femi Otedola are people who have given it all it takes and strive so hard not only to attain success, but to also maintain it.
Here are few traits common with successful entrepreneurs.

THEY THINK BIG: entrepreneurs think big and outside the box. Despite the fact that many of these known names started small, they think beyond the present and have the capacity of a mind that can achieve beyond their goals. They think big and wide. Despite Aliko Dangote being in the food processing line, it didn’t stop him from going into cement distribution and he is also considering the structuring of a refinery. Small minds can’t dream this big or huge. Only people who are aimed at success think way outside of the box.

THEY ARE OPPORTUNIST: people who cannot identify opportunities and seize them are not likely to go beyond mediocrity. Successful people are opportunist. They take advantage of ideas and means many people do not consider and make something huge out of it eventually. If Folorunso Alakija, who is a fashion designer and banker could apply for the allocation of an Oil Prospecting License and she is the most successful and richest Nigerian woman today, it is obvious that identifying opportunities are crucial to success.

THEY HAVE PURPOSE AND VISION: every successful hand has a vision and purpose that drive them, they have solutions to problems and they have wants they want to satisfy. Dangote group for example have the vision of providing basic needs for all Nigerians and today, they have at least a product any Nigerian can purchase and derive value from. There must be a valuable purpose for a vision to be successful.

THEY ARE FOCUSED ON THEIR NICHE: every man has his path. If you are going to be successful, you have to create your area of comfort and expertise and stick to it. Femi Otedola stuck with oil and gas, Dangote concentrated on commodity provision while Mike Adenuga focused on oil and gas, then telecoms.

THEY ARE FLEXIBLE: Successful people know how to stay flexible, they know when to invest into a business and when not to. They can read the economy and the society and they know how to make the right decisions when it comes to investments and making money.