Many actors and actresses are well known for their careers in acting and being in front of the cameras, this gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent and get their names and faces out there. Acting and personality branding has given many people opportunities to make money alternatively. Being a celebrity comes with its benefits and advantages. The opportunity to secure endorsement deals, develop your own entrepreneurship abilities and doing many things together has been channels in which many celebs have taken to create wealthy and make a good living for themselves. Most of the time, starting a unique venture that can equally be as lucrative as whatever they did to get fame is the direction they consider when trying to build an empire. The acting career is just what they leverage all other ventures on. Here are some of the entrepreneurship opportunities actors and actresses seize.

ENDORSEMENT DEALS: many get lucky and become brand ambassadors for different brands and companies. So many reputable companies offer millions of naira to celebrities who are willing to sign a contract with them to represent and promote their brands.
EXPANDING YOUR CAREER: regardless of how little a famous person or celebrity starts, it is easy to expand their careers and add more titles to their portfolios. Artist and actors can choose to go into directing, producing and so many other aspects of the industry which they might have developed a passion for aside from being in front of the camera. This also awards them the opportunity to make money from doing other things.

FASHION BUSINESS: fashion and the beauty sector is another area celebrities find easy to invest in aside from their normal day to day regular contracts. There is opportunity for them to showcase their love for business and their passion for fashion which easily goes hand in hand with being a performer and a celebrity.
ESTABLISHMENTS: acquiring properties and partnering up with people to own establishments which they can easily promote from their status is another easy opportunity that celebrities consider when investing.

Being a famous person and an onscreen personality is one of the ways one can become established, this often gives people the opportunity to easily promote, improve and thrive in almost any good venture they lay their hands on.