The flexibility and empowerment that comes with working as a start up can be incredibly appealing. Setting your own work hours, working from home and seeing your ideas come to life can be motivating. But as a start up scales, herein lies the challenge: How do you scale up and turn profitable while keeping your start up vibe.
As start ups grow, what began as a tight-knit group of people often evolves into different departments that combine into their own groups. In cases like this, communication can suffer from expansion. Here are tips on growing your business beyond the start up phase.

FLEXIBILITY IN WORK HOURS: flexibility and the work life balance it affords is a benefit. If you want to hire the best talent, flexible hours are an important to consider, try getting rid of the idea of the “9 to 5” employees. An employee's option to work from home and the ability to set their own hours can attract top-notch prospects. As long as the work is getting done on time, it doesn’t matter when or where that happens.

VALUE EMPLOYEES IDEAS: One of the best parts of working at a start up is that your ideas are heard. As a company gets bigger, this becomes more unlikely. Don’t give up this openness. Employees feel empowered when they can bring their creative ideas to the table and have their voices heard. Good ideas can come from anyone at a company.

ENCOURAGE GOOD RELATIONSHIPS: At a start-up, everyone knows everyone. But as the company thrives, teams often break off into smaller groups and communication can start to suffer. Facilitate channels for interaction so that people get to know each other personally. Host events on a regular basis and create activities that encourage mingling between groups.

MAKE THE WORK ENVIRONMENT FUN TO BE: start ups often have very appealing work environments that employees want to engage with. These leisure spaces encourage much-needed breaks, which helps stimulate curiosity and boost productivity. As companies grow larger, keep these kinds of spaces abundant around the office.

BENEFIT FROM THE GROWTH: Start ups are in business to succeed. No one is going to complain about the job security that growth can bring. Being profitable is a good sign that your business is working and it can help your company retain talent. Use growth to overcome the misconception that employees will be working 16 hours a day for a company that won’t be around tomorrow. This stability will attract top experienced talent.

Use the passion, openness and flexibility to lure success to your business even beyond the start up stage.