Event planning and hosting of parties is one of those activities that are no longer taken for granted in the world especially in countries like Nigeria where the new trends in entertainment and beautifying has found a way to the top of income sources. With the arrival of many entertainment and celebrity bloggers, new fashion and make up trends, there has been a consistent call for improvement in event planning and many other derivative businesses. There are so many businesses which are related to event planning and entertainment which people have found a way to improve and increase its viability in the societal market. There are many ways in which an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur can come into entertainment, event planning and a host of other professions to make good money in a reasonable time pace.
Event planning solely can be considered for business, many people earn alot of money and even get to set up their own business from zero level just from the talents of organisation and sophistication. Earning a living from helping people pr group of people in hosting occasions and catering for their guest is no longer a strange business in Nigeria. You can also consider becoming an event planner for a living.


Ushering business is also another lucrative way to make money from events and occasion. Many ushering companies started as a one man business that looked for means of recruiting people for the sole purpose of receiving guest at occasions. There is always a need for ushers from time to time either for small gatherings or even larger gatherings for political and societal purposes.

Venue decoration is another trendy business in Nigeria today. Churches, event centres and multipurpose hall all get decorated for different occasions depending on the taste and class of the host. This is another opportunity that can be considered for business and which can fetch good income or even serve as an alternative means of making money for interested people.

Make over is a very lucrative and sustainable way to make money in the world of today. Contrary to beliefs that make up only involves the application of products on the face and tying of head gear for events, make up goes beyond the regular crave for good looks. Movie productions, stage performances, music productions and different occasions all make good use of makeup artist in the production of their works. Make up can be done on a good scale to make a good living.

Photography and cinematography is also a business that is trendy and which people now pay attention to. The arrival of social media platforms like instagram, facebook and twitter has given the need to for people to showcase quality photographed picture. People now spend more on getting a good photo and video documentation of their events. This is another opportunity that could be considered in event making business.

There are many opportunities waiting to be taken, no sector is saturated enough, all that is needed is creativity and innovation. The urge to do something regular differently is all that you need.