Michael Adeniyi Adenuga was born on the 29th of April 1953 in the Oyo State of Nigeria. He attended Ibadan Grammar School where he had his secondary school leaving certificate and graduated from the North Western Oklahoma State University and had an MBA from Pace University in the States.
He is today one of the richest men in Africa and has a net worth of about 3.2 billion. He got a drilling license in the 1990. His consolidated oil struck crude oil in the shallow waters in Ondo State in commercial quantity. He is also a major shareholder in the former Equitorial Bank now Sterling Bank.

He also got his telecommunication license in 1999 which got revoked but he was able to get another one in 2003. The company GLOBACOM became a household name in a short while afterwards.

GLOBACOM has added so much to the development of Nigeria as a whole. They support football and sponsor local leagues both in Nigeria and Ghana. This network also pioneered  service like mobile banking, car tracking, mobile internet services, blackberry, etc. One of his recent achievements is the laying of an international submarine cable linking Africa directly to Europe therefore increasing the efficiency of connectivity and data connection, voice and video calls.

His tremendous achievements and initiatives to invest in the telecoms sector has earned him many awards and recognitions both locally and internationally as he is one of the biggest employers of labour in the country.
Based on his immense contribution in the oil and gas sector, the banking and telecommunication sector, he is regarded one of the most influential men in Africa and the extent of his modesty despite his achievements and accomplishments cannot be overrated.