Congratulations fresh graduates, Universities stuffed lots of valuable knowledge into those beautiful brains of yours, but they didn't properly prepare you for life after college. Feel like you've been through the wringer? Then take a moment to read through these tips. It will take you five minutes and it won't cost you any tuition.

NO TIME FOR NAPS: welcome to labour market, where there is no time for unnecessary naps. Unlike school days when all you had to do was attend classes and take breaks whenever you feel like. Be ready to cut down on your sleep and alcohol intake if you want to be up and doing and also be as productive as possible in the labour market.

NO EASY CHOICES: in school, you might be opportune to choose the courses you offer or the classes you attend. In business, you will be forced to work with people who challenge you to be your very best, people who may intimidate you and people you might not even like. Learning how to collaborate in pursuit of a shared goal simply is part of growth. 

DRESS THE PART: in college, it didn’t matter if ladies wore yoga pants and a boyfriend’s extra-large hoodie. Once you step into the business world, you need to dress the part you wish to play. An increasing number of offices trend toward more casual, but you can be both trendy and well-dressed.  Be ready to invest in a few well-made items to start building your professional wardrobe.

STAY ON YOUR FEET: Looks can open doors in business and in life. It's not fair, but it's true. Fortunately, there's another trait that can take you much further: intelligence. There's nothing cooler or more impressive than someone who can wow you with the ability to think. Spend ample time building your mind during and beyond the work week. Join focus groups and professional organizations, read books, read more books, find mentors, listen to podcasts learn, learn and learn.

CLEAN UP YOUR PROFILES: As nice as it felt to get 300 likes for your Instagram selfies, your boss doesn't want to see your funny or ridiculous pictures with unprofessional captions. Ridiculous captions will not get you promotions. Not everything needs to be documented on social media. Practice having fun without telling everyone about it.

HAVE A BUDGET: inculcate budgeting into your habit, be conscious you no longer have parents to bail you out from time to time. You are now all that you’ve got, so make budgeting crucial and spend sensibly.

START SETTING GOALS:  start creating your own goals and means to measure your progress. Success in business and life depends on growth.  Define fitness, relationship and work goals, and then outline real steps and milestones to reach them.

LEARN TO SAY NO: back in school, almost all routine could work for you. You could easily meet up with friends at bars and drink into the night, you could afford to do sleep overs as much as you want. As you enter the labour market, you would have lesser time to spare for trivial things. Learn to say no to ideas and routines that would not benefit you and your budget.

DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF: If you don’t have a side project, you're doing it wrong. Figure out other ways to direct your energy and make money outside of your steady gig. It might be starting a blog or an online store. Maybe you work part-time as a bartender or take cooking classes. Work to get better at things you're passionate about, and it could one day become your 9-to-5.

DONT MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS: Chances are one of your classmates absolutely will kill it during their first year in business. Don’t get in the habit of measuring your own success by someone else's paycheck or set of wheels. We all get our own ride in this world, and we all "arrive" at different times. Concentrate on improving yourself and cultivating your own happiness. Why should you care what your friends are making? They aren't you.

Regardless of what you have heard in the past, there are opportunities out there and you can make it if figure it out on time.