Customers are the lifeline of any business, infact, they are the body and soul. There won’t be a point to doing business if there is no one willing to pay for the type of value you offer. It is important to keep your customer happy, so they can keep coming back. A business that has at least 70 percent of returning customers is likely to boost tremendously if adequate measures goes into securing new customers.

PERSONAL INTERACTION: Whether you are sending emails, mobile or social notifications, text messages or even direct mail, make sure you personalize your communications beyond their names and addresses. The more you personalize your interactions with your audience based on what you’ve learned from them, the more likely they are to reward you with a second click, call or visit.  

However, this might not be possible for large companies or huge customer base business, you can consider creating customer groups, also known as segments of customers based on common traits, including buying or intent behaviour.

You can start simple and create a few broader segments like geography, age and sex, which can then be refined into smaller segments once you have learned more about your customers.

SHARE YOUR DREAM: discount is never a price for loyalty, giving people something to believe in might actually work for you. Don’t pay people to be loyal to your business, give them a reason to believe in you and what you stand for and treat them as individuals. You’ll find that people will not only stick around longer, but are more likely to become advocates for your product or service.

OFFER QUALITY VALUE: make sure people get value for their money. Offer quality products, services, newsletters, content and so on. Be true to your brand attributes and keep your voice consistent. It hardly matters where you are but what you are and who you are. One wrong step can break a customer’s trust, which could destroy their lifetime value to your business.

In conclusion, get to know your customers, treat them fairly and equitably while building a program that will both recognize and reward those who are most loyal. This is good way of keeping old customers coming back and even attracting new ones.