Credibility is key to run a business, especially an online business. An online venture without credibility cannot stay long in business. Customers need to trust your brand if you are going to be a success. Strong brand credibility can help everyone from e-commerce stores to freelancers earn and keep their online customers' trust. 

Regardless of how long a brand has been in business, all it takes to bring you down is news on incredibility among customers. The lack of credibility is a business killer and would stop any aspiring customer from doing business with your brand.

Tips on improving your brands credibility include:

CUSTOMER REVIEWS: what others are saying about you is valuable to an aspiring customer. Posting client reviews on your website immediately tells visitors your brand is transparent and ready to own its image. Transparency and consistency each have a significant part to play in building your brand's long-term credibility.

CERTIFIED TRUST SEAL: Ensuring online security isn't enough. You need to show your customers what you're doing to protect their transactions and their information. Most customers don't have the technical know-how to determine your specific toolkit. All the same, they do value the sense of security these seals provide them.

NOTABLE ONLINE REPUTATION: Many consumers won't patronize a business whose principal member has a poor reputation online. Building online brand credibility only works in tandem with your personal identity, even more so for small businesses. You should leverage content marketing to create a strong, personal identity. In turn, your online credibility also will get a boost.

VISUAL CONTENT: Video content can help your online business connect with consumers better than text and images. As consumers become more accustomed to fast content and reality TV, they expect businesses to adopt similar practices. Small-business owners who allow consumers to see and hear them will gain more trust than those who hide behind stock photos and static text on a web page. 

PERSONALITY IS BRAND REPRESENTATION: Customers want to relate to your business before they seek a connection with you. This means your business must interact with customers on a more personal level. It's a good practice for small businesses to allow their founder's or CEO's personality to be reflected in how the business is run. That includes the tone, message and format of communication tools such as content pieces, emails, and videos.

Those are the few tips necessary in building your brands reputation and credibility online.