It’s quite discouraging to spend time and effort on a piece of content that ends up being ignored in publications or sales platforms. This is why it is essential to engage in content optimization, this ensures that you connect with your audience on a level that is exciting and acceptable.

Just like in novels and movies, it you can’t engage your audience till the last scene, you might not get that type of review or referral that you desire even after a few sales and we all know that referrals are crucial in business. Here are few tips a content developer can adopt to maximize productivity.

BE CONVERSATIONAL: it is always best to structure the content in a conversational way so that it is easy to absorb and retain for the average reader. Use everyday language that reads as if you are speaking to your audience in person. Keep it as simple as possible, don’t get people confused with terms and grammar.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think of what follow-up questions might be asked so that you can address them in your initial piece.

IMPLEMENT ‘CALL TO ACTION’: An ideal way to create more engagement and make your content more exciting for readers is to implement calls-to-action once or twice within most of your pieces. A call-to-action doesn’t have to be treated as a sales tactic.

Asking your readers to try a specific technique at home, referring them to places they can get more information and offering invitations to sign up for free online seminars are all effective ways to encourage action and engagement among your audience. Challenging your audience to do something even within your content is a good approach to ensure content is being implemented.

VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS: visual are always useful tools in content development. It makes content exciting and understandable. It is obvious that audience react more positively to visual content compared to plain text. For this reason, high quality photos and videos are worth considering for any form of content.

Consider these tips for your content development today and watch your audience get bigger and more enlightened.