Many people have great business ideas but lack the basic fund needed to push this idea into reality, whereas, there are so many rich people out there who have the capability to push any idea or business they believe in. The problem is, potential investors are not easily convinced. It takes so much effort to make someone believe in your dreams, so much more effort to make him understand your idea is the best place for him to put his money. Here are some tips on how to get open minded investors.

TELL YOUR STORY: most times, your story is more important than your idea or product that you need to push. Investors can relate to your story and where you’re coming from rather than what you need their money for or the figures you are looking at, at the end of the day. So, consider focusing on your story rather than your ideas.

DO YOUR FINDINGS: potential investors are often wealthy people, they have done one interview or the other in the past. Figure out what is important to an investor and work on that. If the dreams of an investor you are considering doesn’t align with yours from findings, it is much better to move on and not waste your time trying to convince.

KNOW YOUR REQUIREMENTS: investors sometimes need you to have done one or two things before coming to them for funds, get enough information about what you need to get done and where you need to be before an investor would be willing to invest in you. Be sure you are at the point where an investor needs to come in before you walk up to them.

It is not easy to get someone or people to invest into your dreams or ideas but it would make it way easier, if you do necessary homework before walking up to an investor or company for assistance.