Communication is tough between people, yet it’s crucial if there’s going to be a team work. It is easy to know that lack of proper communication can reduce the quality of output of any business or company. As a small start up, communication is quite easy and limited to few people, but as a company grows, keeping in touch with everyone becomes a major challenge. Here are some tips for improving communication.

DOCUMENTATION: As a team member, have it at the back of your mind that people’s attention span is short, don’t expect anyone to have a proper record of everything you say. Documentation is key in work places. This will ensure and give evidence that you have communicated appropriately. Documenting and writing down information being passed down to you and which you have passed across is a good approach to working efficiently.

KNOW PEOPLE PERSONALLY: it is also important to get to know your colleagues personally if you intend to communicate effectively. A work place comprises of people from different backgrounds and different values. Knowing what is important to certain people makes it easier to communicate with them both within the work area and beyond. Don’t force people to reason or communicate the way you do. Difference in values should be welcome and managed.

KEEP DOORS OPEN: in most organisations, bosses and managers like to keep closed doors and distance from staff. This doesn’t necessarily have to be so. Keeping an open door is a good approach to freedom and communication. Having access to your bosses and co workers makes it easier to communicate and manage a business or company.

ORGANISING MEETINGS: It is also important to organise meetings within staff or say department for bigger companies from time to time. Talking together on a table also give people the opportunity to communicate and share their thoughts, opinions and ideas in the presence of everyone.

As the saying goes, people quit their bosses not their jobs. Communication is a crucial determinant of the possibilities of a company retaining valuable staff and giving them the proper opportunity to get the job done.