Social media is a major distraction for people in the world of today, social media take a lot of peoples time and attention. This has even resulted to less productivity in many work fronts. This is the time for employers to consider implementing social media for increased productivity.

BREAKS AT WORK: employees should be encouraged to step away from their work stations and spend some time out of the office. If they like going on social media, breaks, enable them to stay connected on their profiles during the workday without the same social media hindering their attention to a task.

Breaks should be dedicated times employees can look forward to, without having to sneak glances at their newsfeeds in the middle of a project. Such multitasking hurts productivity and reduces concentration. But, when employees know they will have time allocated for leisure, they will be less prone to check their phone.

FINDING SOLUTIONS: social media can easily be used to find solutions to work problems or seek advice on how to do certain things. Employees can use social media to research certain questions or specific topics from a large audience. Mini research and advice relating to work can be seek cheaply on social media.

NETWORK EXPANSION: social network is also a good platform to expand business and company network. Social media can help connect professionals with colleagues in the same industries.

Employees can share posts, comment on other people’s posts, send direct messages to colleagues and even attend webinars for leading industry insights. Professional organizations provide a lot of great content that can benefit employees on all levels.

IDENTIFICATION AND RECRUITMENT OF TALENTS: social media has been identified as the most effective recruitment brand for new talents. The various platforms provide unique features that are perfect for spreading brand awareness and attracting top talent.

BUILDING TEAMS: In its simplest fashion, social media connects co workers on a personal level. They can communicate with one other after hours and create a strong friendship. Social media can also be used as a support system, enabling employees to send positive messages to someone.

Additionally, social media can be helpful in developing the employer-employee relationship. Companies can use these public forums to recognize and celebrate an employee’s performance and achievements, which is just as effective as making announcements at meetings.

In other words, as much as many companies complain about distractions from social media, brilliant companies can choose to infuse social media into their work in such a way that the employees and employer end up benefiting from it.