Tuesday, August 16, 2016

As Nigeria’s economy continues to slide into recession, more Nigerian entrepreneurs have been forced seek new ways of growing their businesses online, even as many expressed dissatisfaction over what is termed discouraging support and guidance needed to grow their businesses on the digital marketplace.

These findings were gleaned from a recent study carried out by was founded in 2014 to help train entrepreneurs on how to use their natural talents to build profitable businesses. The site offers articles, tips and trainings for the business-minded individuals.

The Chief Executive Officer,, Engr Winston Ikekeonwu, said contrary to popular opinion, today's business failures are not necessarily attributed to lack of capital, but by the inability of most entrepreneurs to effectively market themselves using the various e-channels available.

According to him, "With all the opportunities the Internet offers, it's very easy to get distracted. That's why small business owners are looking for clear directions on where to start marketing and how to go about it the right way."

He noted that with over 86 million Nigerians actively using the Internet, if more entrepreneurs can get their digital marketing right, they can grow their customer base which in turn will make their businesses much more attractive to investors and get them more funding.