Many people crave financial freedom, the ability to make their own money and not having to just break even from time to time. Its crucial to consider ways of improving your income and accumulating wealth instead of having your money tied up all the time. Here are some strategies to consider if you are looking ways to accumulate wealth instead of just breaking even.

Monitor your money: many people don't put in the time and thought necessary to monitor where their money goes. You need to analyse ‘what income do you generate vs. what are your outgoings’. Many entrepreneurs are of the thoughts of wanting to make more money and trying as much as possible to take new risk and venture into new project while they forget to keep more of what they are making by stopping the leaks in the hull, and dealing with some of their personal finances.

Set achievable goals: dont spend more money than you make, set achievable goals. Avoid living beyond your means. Millionaires start saving as much money as they can as early as they can. That manifests itself as buying a smaller house or waiting a bit longer to trade in your car for a new one. And it means that "you spend only when you think it makes good sense, not to keep up with everyone else.

Stay informed: business owners lose thousands of naira monthly on avoidable mistakes. Stay informed, seek financial help and advice, talk to someone about ways of improving your financial capabilities and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

You can make more money than you have always done, you can avoid losing money on unnecessary expenses if you take the time to figure out the right ways to manage your finances.