Standards are applied to work, relationships, personal growth and every aspect of performance. If you surveyed the top performers in all walks of life, you would discover they have higher overall standards compared to others. No one would admit setting out to be average and yet many people struggle with mediocrity.  The key to success often begins with adjusting standards of performance, or the level you must operate at to feel good about yourself or your business.  Here are some reasons why you should consider raising your standard either as an individual or as a business owner.

The average standard: most people target the average so they hardly ever go beyond it while some others set the pace so high and they can hardly live with themselves if they fail to reach their targets. The standard you set for yourself is crucial. You cant stay comfortable with mediocrity. By challenging and holding yourself accountable to operating at a level north of your current comfort zone, you push towards a level of commitment that will propel you towards improved performance.

The process counts more than the result: it is wise to understand that regardless the outcome of a process, what you have learnt or gained is the most important thing to hold on to. Don’t measure your live by results, results are just a part of your accomplishment. Re-defining higher individual standards should be about developing the discipline to establish behaviour habits for sustainable long-range success. As you start to shift your standards, putting too much stock into immediate results can be counterproductive. 

Have meaningful reasons: you motivation is your reason, it has to be powerful enough to drive you. Anyone looking to raise their personal standards will need a motivation beyond simply wanting to do better. The key to sustaining a new standard is longevity. The longer the timeline applied to a standard, the greater the likelihood it will work for you.

In other words, if you want better standards, start with a goal that is so personal and daring that it will excite you for years to come.  If you find yourself lacking growth in your life, take a look at your standards and challenge yourself.